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Feb 8, 2013 06:46 PM

Where can I get Spumoni Ice Cream in Toronto?

As in a pint, or quart, or whatever. Enough to take home. I've had some at a restaurant recently and I am in love but I need my own spumoni to eat as I want it. Which will be all the time.

Seriously I plan on gaining about 20 pounds of pure spumoni. Help me achieve this goal!

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  1. Fiesta Farms has it in 2 litre tubs

    1. Perhaps you could call "Sicilian Ice Cream' on College Street or even "Grande Cheese" on Orfus's possible either place might carry it...just thought that even "Lady York Foods" on Dufferin Street might be another option.

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      1. re: pearlD

        IIRC Fiesta carries the Sicilian Ice Cream tubs

      2. Best spumoni I've had in Toronto is, oddly, at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Delish! No idea if they do takeout thoough....

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        1. re: magic

          The stuff at the Spaghetti Factory is a poor imitation of spumoni ice cream. It is more milky than creamy and doesn't have the dried fruit and nuts.

          1. re: teegee1

            That was my experience as well, they've toned it down to a version of neopolitan with green ice cream instead of vanilla, not spumoni as I remember it.