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Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - March 11-24, 2013

As many of us suffer thru the snow storm, it's comforting to know that Hudson Valley Restaurant Week starts in 5 weeks :-). I

The current list of participating restaurants as of today can be found here:


A few have their menus up already.

Here are last year's threads:
November - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/871609
March - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/829146

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  1. I was just thinking it's been way too long since I've been to North. Can't wait!

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      Unfortunately, North only takes reservations a month in advance (maybe only 28 days). I was pleasantly surprised to find that Swift was taking reservations already, so I made a reservation there (also at Back Yard Bistro). The chef at Swift used to be at Valley and the food was very similar. It was a really pleasant surprise and I recommend it. Make sure you ask to be seated near the windows so you have a view of the falls. They've got a few tables between the bar and main dining room that are terrible. When we were there last time they seated someone there even though the dining room was not full (it was a Sunday) and I couldn't understand why. Then a co-worker told me that SHE sat there when she went and hated the location. I put the location request in my Opentable reservation.

    2. Last November, I had great meals at Valley, Swift, North, Restaurant X, and Back Yard Bistro. We'll probably go back to all of them, although Valley may not be open as their website says they are opening in April and neither they nor Tavern are listed this time. I had disappointing meals at Hudson at Haymount and Artists Palate and will not go back.

      I had reservations for 42 for lunch last time and cancelled them after they downgraded their lunch menu after initially posting a better one. They've got their menu posted for this time (one of the first) and it looks good so I'll try them. We had gone there (42) for lunch last March and the portions were dinner sized. Be sure to park across the street at Target to avoid the $10 parking charge.

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        Tavern is now listed and their menu is up!

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          Yes, and I am debating making a reservation for the 2nd Thursday at Tavern. Some stuff doesn't look to be a tremendous savings off the normal prices. But it's convenient for me, so I'll try it (plus it's the same people as Valley, and they are excellent).

          I was thinking of going to The Cookery as well (I've never been), although I have a similar concern about pricing and not being much of a deal.

          Restaurant X posted their menu and it looked good, and we had a nice meal there last RW so I made a reservation there.

          Clock Tower Grill in Brewster has their menu up and it looks really good (fois gras and tuna tartar, sadly separate dishes). I wish I had some idea of how good it is. It has good reviews on Yelp, although there are only 3 of them They don't seem to have a website; I found an old Facebook page for their former name Senistra Grill.

          Zodiac, which is at Neiman Marcus in White Plains is participating for the first time. They're only open for lunch but it's a very nice place if you've never been. No menu posted.

          Lots of places have no menus yet.

      2. It seems like it was just the November restaurant week! :-) I think it's interesting that two CIA restaurants are participating, as they haven't in the past (or at least not in the past 5 years that I've been going). I actually have still never eaten there so that might be worth a try. I may make a reservation at Swift and then cancel it if I don't like the menu. My mom has been wanting to try Hudson's Ribs and Fish so maybe I'll go there as well.

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        1. re: Solstice444

          The CIA has participated in the past, but not last November. I find it interesting that they're doing it at the same price as everyone else. In the past they've charged an extra $2 or so.

          You should definitely try Swift. It was a really pleasant surprise, very much like Valley. We had a great meal there.

          And yes, it was just HVRW in November :-). I wonder how having two of them so close together is affecting return business at full price?

          1. re: MisterBill2

            Hmm, maybe I overlooked the CIA in the past because of the surcharge.

            Yes, I feel like it would be better if they spaced it out a bit more, maybe if they had the fall one in September or October.

        2. Restaurant North has started taking reservations for HVRW, since they do 28 days in advance.

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            Made my res for the first Friday at North! Can't wait! They are the gold standard for RW in my eyes. No sacrificing quality or portion size.

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Yes, and they really seem to enjoy participating in it.

              You should try Back Yard Bistro if you have never been there (or even if you have, but in that case you would know to go back). They always have several different options for each course, which is all the more impressive when you find that they only have 7 tables! And the preparations are always very unique and unusual (in a good way).

              I'm trying to do lunch at 42 again. Last time I made reservations, only to find that they'd dumbed down the menu from what was originally posted, at which point I cancelled. They've posted early this time, and it's a nice lunch menu, so I'm going to try it again. Their lunch portions were really great when I did lunch there last March.

              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                So did I! I had to cancel last year's reservation with a heavy heart - I was matron of honor for a friend, and her dress fitting Did Not Go Well. I couldn't just leave her--as good as North is meant to be. Let's hope there are no disasters this year and that it's worth the wait! See you there, Ice Cream. (My res. is for 8pm.)

                1. re: Mrs.Sean

                  You will NOT be sorry!!! North is terrific no matter when you go! Enjoy!

            2. Long time reader and first time poster here. I'm having lunch @ 42 in White Plains on the 15th. I believe they have the same menu as they did for the last RW this past Fall. Any recommendations on what to order?

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              1. re: NYmom1

                Actually, it's similar to what they originally posted but then pulled and switched to a much lesser one (unless I should check again and see if they did it again!). I had the salmon when I ate there last March and it was a very nice size portion and was excellent. I'll also be there on the 15th for lunch, BTW

                I realized that Ships Lantern Inn (in Milton, Orange County) had a really nice menu so I made a reservation for there on the first Sunday.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  I went to the Ship Lantern Inn for the November restaurant week and really enjoyed it! Has anyone been to Ramiro 954 in Mahopac? Even though I very much enjoy "non-American" cuisine, I tend to stay away from it for RW for some reason so I initally overlooked this place. But Ramiro has good reviews on Yelp and NY Times gave it a Don't Miss in 2011, shortly after it opened.

                  1. re: Solstice444

                    Thanks. When I called Ship Lantern Inn for a reservation on Friday, the woman I spoke to told me they had the best RW menu. It's certainly among the most interesting that I've seen posted. Have you been to/are you going to Back Yard Bistro? They always have the most unusual menu and it's a great place

                    BTW Cafe Of Love in Mt. Kisco now has their menus on their website:


                    And Lohud has posted photos of some upcoming RW dishes. Amusingly, several of the restaurants there (including North) do not have their menus posted. I actually do not expect to see North's menu posted as it seems they have gotten away from doing that (even for regular menus) because it changes and I guess people get upset).


                    Do not know anything about Ramiro (even though it is close to me). I always felt it was one of those places that wasn't much cheaper for RW than it was on the regular menu, thus not worth going for

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      I haven't been to Back Yard Bistro. I would like to see their menu posted.

                      Yes, Ramiro is not as expensive as other places, although it is still technically worth it. Definitely not as a good a deal as other places though. Still undecided - my father and I make a joint decision together and he suggested Ramiro :-)

                      1. re: Solstice444

                        I'd like to see it posted as well but based on my page visits, they will have multiple choices for each course. They only have 7 tables so they will likely fill up most nights.

                2. re: NYmom1

                  Hi,NYmom, welcome. I've only been to 42 once for dinner and what I ordered was not memorable but if I had to do it over again I think I would go for one of Chef Goncalves signature dishes, one of which is PFC (Portuguese Fried Chicken). Here is the current RW menu for 42... https://42therestaurant.com/hudson-va...
                  I'm thinking about making a ressie for Sonora in Portchester. Has anyone been there during RW? Any thoughts on the place?

                  1. re: GIOny

                    GIOny I have been to Sonora many times for dinner, albeit not in the last year or so. I have eaten from their RW menu twice and both times the food was excellent. Their RW menu was always comprised of dishes offered on their regular menu. I am not a vegetarian however,the last couple of times I was there I ordered the vegetarian paella, it was that good. They have a reputation for doing a really nice job for RW.
                    EDIT:It can get loud in there, we sit upstairs I find it a bit quieter, I have a favorite table that overlooks the downstairs.

                3. Thanks, everyone, for the info. Solstice - I have never been to Ramiro but my son went there last Sunday for brunch. It's $19.99 for 'All You Can Eat' and he said the food was very good. Service was good, as well.

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                  1. hoping chophouse posts their menu !

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                      1. re: doberlady

                        Do those people know what they're doing? The RW menu was posted in a text posting on 2/28 (posted by someone else and you had to look to find it, even after you said it had been posted), and here we have people waiting to see it. They didn't even send it to Valley Table for posting. Don't these restaurants realize that many people want to see the menu before making a decision?

                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          I agree. I wont make a resy unless I've seen the menu. How else would we know if the restaurant offers food/selections that we eat?

                          1. re: liza219

                            There are very few places I will make RW reservations for without seeing - North and Back Yard Bistro are all I can think of because I know they'll have good stuff.

                          2. re: MisterBill2

                            Yes, that was a weird posting of the menu.....I had to hunt for it. That said, I do like the selections.

                            1. re: NYmom1

                              which restaurant are we talking about? Chophouse? I still kind find their RW menu on Facebook!

                              1. re: liza219

                                You need to look for posts from Sharon Lombardi on 2/28. The first one says that this is their RW menu. The second posts it. Here's the menu. I notice they still spell creme brulee as one word (I seem to recall they spelled it as one word last time as well, or maybe it was a different place).

                                The first course will be a choice of: Tuna Tartare, Cavatelli, or steamed Mussels. The 2nd course will be a choice of Filet Mignon, Roasted Atlantic Salmon, or Chicken Martini. The 3rd course will be a choice of New York cheesecake, chocolate cream pie, or cremembrulee. Make your reservations in advance. Its going to be a great 2 weeks. See you soon.......The Chophouse Grille.

                                1. re: MisterBill2

                                  Ah, yes....I had to expand "all" to find it, thanks. Why don't they forward to the hvrw website?

                                  1. re: liza219

                                    Because they're clueless? I could say worse but I'll leave it at that. Why are there many restaurants that haven't bothered sending their menus to the HVRW website but have them hidden on their own websites (and at least one of which is a very fine place)? Boggles the mind.

                      2. Crave has posted their menu, looks interesting.

                        Still waiting on Swift and Back Yard Bistro.

                        Some sites have their menus on their websites, so check there if you're still waiting.

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                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          Swift is up on their Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbi...

                          Very interesting. They don't really tell you the preparation on some of the stuff. So you can wonder if the fluke appetizer is crudo, or something else.

                          1. we ate at swift (beacon) last week and had a good meal. they don't have a RW menu up however...

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                            1. re: bob gaj

                              It's on their Facebook page -- I posted the link 2 days ago. Here's a non-FB version.


                              And now for a long awaited menu - Back Yard Bistro -


                              North told me theirs would be posted today.

                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                for swift - it's got the short rib on there. wife got that last week, loved it - though the mole was virtually not distinguishable. she said it was like a great pot roast...

                                i had a different duck dish (from the one on the RW menu) but it was quite good as well.

                                oh, tks for posting that!

                                1. re: bob gaj

                                  Thanks. My wife will likely get the short rib and she's not a big fan of mole anyway; I will have the duck.

                                  North says they are still finalizing their menu.

                                  1. re: bob gaj

                                    I ended up cancelling my reservation at Swift. A co-worker told me that her portions were really small, a comment echoed by a few people at Opentable. We're going to The Cookery instead. Never been there.

                              2. If someone wants to try a new place, please try Clock Tower Grill in Brewster and report back. Here is their menu, which looks interesting. I'd go, but I have been burned too many times going to places for RW that have ambitious menus that simply do not deliver because they're not up to the task (plus I'm out of nights). I don't want to seem snobbish, but I question that a place like this is going to do a credible job with fois gras and also has wings (which I love) on the menu. I'd love to be proven wrong. There are a few positive reviews on Yelp, so maybe it's good.

                                The website seems to say the right things.


                                Here's the menu:


                                1. So.... who went to North tonight and can you please post the menu choices!! The suspense is killing me!

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                                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                    I think they're closed Mondays. Someone tweeted them asking for the menu and the response was "call north tomorrow at 11am and then they can help more specifically". At this point, I'd just as soon not see it and be surprised on Wednesday night.

                                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                      I just called North to confirm my reservation for tomorrow night (I missed their call earlier) and they told me some of the stuff on the menu. I also noticed that Opentable has at least one reservation for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm. They must have gotten some cancellations when they called to confirm. So if you're looking to eat there and could not get a reservation, here's your chance (and you can get to meet me, too, what a bonus!).

                                      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                        We ate at North last night. It was wonderful, as always. I am attaching a photo of the menu that I took on my Smartphone.. not sure how readable it will be once uploaded so I will type the contents.

                                        Appetizers were a butternut squash soup, a salad, chicken liver mousse, pork confit. Entrees, a beef dish with gnocchi, steelhead salmon, whole roasted pig, fettuccine with farm egg. Desserts were an oatmeal white chocolate cranberry cookie skillet, apple polenta cake, and espresso bread pudding.

                                        1. re: MisterBill2

                                          Thank you for taking the trouble to type it out - pic is totally unreadable, I guess Chowhound has a super-low-res upload. I'm so excited for tomorrow night! What did you have?

                                          1. re: Mrs.Sean

                                            Yes, it's almost a total waste to upload stuff here since they compress it. I had the chicken liver mousse, salmon and polenta cake. My wife had the soup, beef and cookie. If you like espresso (I don't), the bread pudding looked great. I even got to meet Janet from Valley Table, who was there with her group!

                                            I took pictures to enter into the Lohud scavenger hunt. Even got a picture with Eric!

                                          2. re: MisterBill2

                                            Glad you had a good meal and thanks for typing out the menu. What did you have? The first dessert sounds interesting.

                                            1. re: MisterBill2

                                              THanks so much for posting this, MisterBill! Sounds like some interesting choices. How are the chicken liver and pork confit appetizers served? Also, did you notice if the bread pudding comes with ice cream?

                                              We're going tomorrow, can't wait!!

                                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                I did not see ice cream with the bread pudding. It seemed to be served as 3 small timbale sized portions. The cookie came with ice cream. The apple polenta cake did not.

                                                We do not eat pork so I cannot speak for either of those dishes. The chicken liver was delicious, 3 oval shaped portions with a swiss chard marmalade in the middle, served with 3 rounds of toast. Even better than my mother's chopped liver was!

                                                1. re: MisterBill2

                                                  Thanks. Whatever comes with ice cream, I'll get. They use Jane's usually which I love!!! And thanks for the details on the chicken liver.

                                                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                    Wow, I'd never have guessed that you'd get the dessert with ice cream! It's a huge scoop, too!

                                                      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                        I'll be there tonight as well, with my parents, thanks for the report, I saw the menu on FB, now I have decisions to make as it all sounds sooooo good!

                                                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                            Too late now, but if you'd told the hostess who you were and that you were looking for the others, she probably could have pointed everyone out when they arrived.

                                              2. re: MisterBill2

                                                My North report: WOW it was noisy! We had to wait more than half an hour for our table, so by the time we sat down I was nursing a warm glass of (delicious, Scholium Project) white wine that I didn't want to drink any more of on an empty stomach! My grumpiness dissipated somewhat when I saw the menu and met our wonderful server, and disappeared altogether with the arrival of the food. Chicken liver mousse for me - I get tired of restaurants "dumbing it down," trying to un-funk the flavor, and North just went full-on for the funk. Really delicious. Husband's squash soup was absolutely PERFECTLY seasoned - like, ridiculously perfectly so.

                                                We both had the beef and gnocchi dish - smoked flavor in the short rib working perfectly with the sweetness of the parsnip. Husband asked for yet more bread to mop up the remains on his plate.

                                                He had the espresso bread pudding, I had the cookie skillet. I had to. The ice cream was incredible, and I managed to eat almost one-fifth of the cookie before crying uncle. It's calling me from the kitchen as I write...

                                                Oh, and because of our wait, our first drinks were comped. An un-ideal situation dealt with perfectly. We are SO going back.

                                                1. re: Mrs.Sean

                                                  I'm guessing you sat downstairs since you complained about the noise. I always ask to sit upstairs, which is much more reasonable in terms of noise, a whole different vibe. Nice of them to comp the drinks.

                                                  1. re: MisterBill2

                                                    We sat upstairs in the end; it was the 35 minutes being jostled in the bar area with people bellowing all around us that prompted the noise comment!

                                            2. I ate at Ramiro's 954 in Mahopac tonight. It was quite an enjoyable meal! To start they gave us each a freshly baked roll with delicious butter and roasted garlic. The garlic was a nice touch. Appetizers were beef empanadas and a plaintain stuffed with chicken in a black bean sauce - the latter was really tasty. The entrees we had were skirt steak in a red sauce and pernil (roasted pork shoulder). Both were very good, and the pernil was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Desserts were tres leches cake and flan. The flan was the least sweet flan I've ever had, but it was tasty and refreshing. The place wasn't too crowded and the service was good. We would go back!

                                              1. Just came from having lunch at 42 in White Plains. Mr.Bill, were you there? I was sitting with 5 other women at the beginning of the dining room at a large table in a corner of windows.....we had a view of downtown White Plains as well as the Kensico Damn.

                                                We started off with a basket (or three) of crusty bread with a nicely flavored olive oil. For apps, a few of us had the fennel pollen cavatelli, which was al dente, nicely seasoned and just spicy enough. Two people had the arugala salad which they said was very good and was full of candied pecans.

                                                For my entree, I had the Portugese Fried Chicken which was faboosh! :-) If I went again, I would order the exact same dish. Two people had the salmon and said it was moist and tasty. Two others had the skirt steak which looked good but was a smaller sized portion.

                                                For dessert, I had an 'ice cream sandwich' (they must have swapped it out for the rhubarb waffle which was listed as one of the original choices) which consisted of home made strawberry ice cream between 2 oatmeal raisin cookies with a sprinkling of strawberries and granola on the plate. I loved it but one of the others wasn't crazy about it. The others, who had the carrot cake trifle and the molten chocolate cake, enjoyed theirs as well.

                                                If anyone goes, I would highly recommend the chicken as it was extra crispy with some kind of a wonderful glaze on it....I couldn't really place the flavor/seasonings. Every one of us enjoyed our meal and a good time was had by all! Oh....the service was wonderful and attentive, as well.

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                                                1. re: NYmom1

                                                  I was there!!! We sat in the room at the end with the "view" of NYC (which you couldn't really see) and downtown WP (which you could) and probably walked right past you. We also had a great meal. My daughter and I had the beet tartar, which was good, but really needed more of the yuzu yogurt to make it special. My wife had the pea soup, which she thought was great. Wife and daughter had the skirt steak which we all thought was a pretty decent portion and very good. I had the salmon which was excellent and cooked medium rare as I requested (I have started to learn that good restaurants ask how you want your salmon prepared and can do it correctly; lesser ones don't ask and can't get it correct when you ask). For dessert, wife and daughter had the carrot cake trifle and loved it. I had the molten chocolate cake, which actually was molten inside, which once again is something that lesser restaurants claim to do but cannot follow thru on.

                                                  I'd had the PFC when we went there on Groupon a few weeks ago, and I wanted to have the salmon since it was great when I had it for RW last year.

                                                  Only complaints were that they weren't real swift on refilling our iced tea (at $4 per person it should have been continuously flowing), and I asked if the chef could come out for a Lohud scavenger hunt picture, and he never did. The guy I asked said he was very busy but asked my name; he never got back to me. I got my picture with Eric @ North on Wednesday, and that's more impressive to me!

                                                  Now that you mention it, the cookie wasn't on the regular menu. I probably would have had the waffle if they had it.

                                                  Restaurant X for dinner tomorrow (North, 42, X for 3 meals in 4 days, not too shabby!). Then Ship Lantern Inn on Sunday.

                                                2. I went to Benjamin Steakhouse Thursday night. I love a good steak, and love it even more when I can get steakhouse quality at HVRW prices. The wedge salad had obnoxiously delicious bacon cubes, and I even ate all the tomatoes because the pieces had been seeded. Nice touch. Then the filet (a $5 up-charge) which was the best I've had in ages - "butterly" smooth and flavorful. Ended with standard sorbet, and a strong espresso martini - espresso strong.

                                                  The wait staff was great, but you could tell they weren't used to having such a full house. They really hustled. I could have done without the cranky couple seated next to us. Even though the tables are set nicely apart, I got to hear her send back her iced tea, "This is crap," she told the waiter. And when our filets were served, he commented, "Oh, heart attack on a plate." It's a steakhouse. Regardless, a great meal.

                                                  Can't wait to go to North next week!

                                                  1. Another great RW meal at North. We had a 6:30 reservation and it was not very crowded at that time, which was nice. I hadn't indicated where we wanted to be seated at the time of making the reservation and thought I'd just leave it up to fate. We were seated downstairs, which was nice because it was still light out (the upstairs seems so claustrophobic in the daylight), but the noise did become a factor around 8 o'clock or so.

                                                    Of the six different dishes we tried, my husband and I agreed that my entire meal was slightly better than his. He had the butternut squash soup, which was extremely rich and velvety and must be equal proportions squash puree and heavy cream! Last time they served the same thing but they garnished it with little crispy potato chips then, which I missed this time. I had the pork confit-- a really surprisingly large portion size, and luckily my husband was more than happy to help out with it. Fatty and moist and delicious with a nice spicy counterpoint from the bed of chickpeas and pepper relish.

                                                    Entrees were the pork for my husband and the salmon for me. The pork entree (for us) unfortunately was overshadowed by the pork appetizer. It was a bit dry and seemed to be missing something. The sides for the pork were better though, with creamed arugula and crispy potatoes. The salmon, which they suggested be cooked to medium, was moist, flavorful, and nicely sauced, with a crispy top and served with the sweetest little carrots and other veggies (maybe parsnips? can't remember). I ordered a side of the crispy potatoes, which are outrageously good, especially dipped in their homemade ketchup.

                                                    My dessert definitely won out too-- the oatmeal cookie skillet. My husband got the bread pudding, which had a very strong espresso flavor, and looked a little sad next to my skillet. He enjoyed it, but again, I was happy to have him help out with my enormous cookie and the GIANT scoop of ice cream on top. I'm almost ashamed to say that we finished the entire thing. It was amazing.

                                                    Beverages were wonderful, as usual; the $29.95 bottle of NYS chardonnay was excellent, and their coffee selection is my husband's favorite of any restaurant we've been to.

                                                    I like that they let us linger, perhaps a bit too long given that by the time we were done and waiting (and waiting) for our check (the computer system crashed and took a while to reboot) it seemed like a lot of people were waiting for tables. But we enjoyed our leisurely dinner immensely until the noise became too deafening to hear each other. Lesson learned; dine early or request the upstairs.

                                                    Service was a bit slow and scattered but that's understandable and it was still pleasant.

                                                    We love North and can't wait for our next meal!

                                                    OH! And the onion foccacia is incredible! And the butter!

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                                                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                      Interesting that you mentioned the pork being fatty (and good). A co-worker told me that she ate at Back Yard Bistro last week and her friend complained that the pork was fatty. I do not eat pork so I don't know how it should be prepared so could not tell if it was justified. Oh, and on the Lohud writeup for North they said that they asked for an all-bacon meal and they got bacon on their desserts!

                                                      Someone else told me they went to Swift and that the portions were really small. I think someone else had mentioned that as well, or maybe it's the picture of the brussel sprout appetizer that the folks from VT posted on FB.

                                                      Went to Ship Lantern Inn last night. I need to write a full review on this one because it was just so... strange. The food was great, but the whole experience was.. strange (there is no other word to describe it).

                                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                                        I was referring more to the rich flavor, really, which characterizes confit, and definitely not the texture of the meat. I thought it was delicious!

                                                        I'm all done with RW for this time around. I'm going on vacation soon and have to save some stomach space. Looking forward to hearing others' reports!

                                                      2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                        Hi, I had the exact same meal you did, was happy to have started with the pork confit which I thought was also a bit dry, but the chick peas and oil helped a lot. Enjoyed the salmon too, but it was a very basic dish.

                                                        My parents both ordered the pork for their main, and both thought it was too dry. Mom actually sent hers back for a piece of salmon. My husband has the beef, which was really great.

                                                        Service was excellent and we were upstairs, more for the quiet factor than for anything else. Also enjoyed the local $29 Pinot Noir, which was better than I had expected.

                                                        Iron Horse on Friday with the girls!

                                                      3. Is no one else doing the 2nd week of HVRW? I've posted photos of our meals on Instagram for anyone who wants to view. I'm pretty sure I am going to win the Lohud scavenger hunt (or certainly be in the top 10) :-).


                                                        BTW I apologize for putting the whole restaurant list in the first posting. Made navigating this thread rather unpleasant. I won't do it again :-).

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                                                        1. re: MisterBill2

                                                          Nice pics! I'm still curious about your odd experience at Ship Lantern Inn :-)

                                                          1. re: Solstice444

                                                            I am curious as well. Isn't it co-owned by a Boiardi?

                                                            1. re: Solstice444

                                                              It was odd because while the food was really good, when you walk inside, it was like you were going back in time 50 years (maybe more). And the waiters were from then as well! My wife and I looked at each other and said "this is weird". Also strange was that they put leftovers in plastic containers, and wrapped stuff in plastic wrap. And the full quarter of duck that came with my duck confit salad.

                                                              And yes, I was told that Chef Boiardi was from there originally.

                                                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                                                Yes, it is like stepping back in time. I didn't see any female waitstaff. The waiter pulled out the chair for me and everything. A nice change of pace!

                                                                1. re: Solstice444

                                                                  You're right, I didn't see any women working there, although when i called for a reservation I did speak to a woman. Interestingly, they have some special menus (at certain times) that are even cheaper than the HVRW pricing. They don't seem to have the menus on their website, I wonder what you get? It did not seem like a lot of people were doing HVRW when we were there (but they did not have a special menu available, either). Salads made tableside seem to be a big thing. Also the waiter read off those whole long list of specials, without prices.

                                                            2. re: MisterBill2

                                                              Very nice pics! You certainly ate at a lot of restaurants over the last 2 weeks and, yes, I'd say that you've won the scavenger hunt......I've been trying to keep up with it on LoHud. Thanks for sharing all the 'food porn' pics! :-)

                                                              1. re: NYmom1

                                                                Thanks! The funny thing is, I'd normally be taking most of these pictures anyway (except for the people pics), but tend to leave them on my phone. The scavenger hunt just gave me the push to upload them. I did videos of each restaurant as well, since they were worth 500 points each. And I did learn how to use Instagram (and a picture resizer, Instasize) :-).

                                                                I hope I end up with a gift certificate at someplace I'd actually use. Janet from Valley Table (who I ran into at North AND Tavern and apparently tried to get into Back Yard Bistro the night we were there, but could not get a table) did not know which GC's Liz had.

                                                                And now Passover starts tonight, so I'm off the restaurant grid for a while (not that I wouldn't be after HVRW, anyway).

                                                              2. re: MisterBill2

                                                                So, MisterBill, did you win the scavenger hunt? Inquiring minds want to know. :-) If so, what gift certificate(s) did you get?

                                                                  1. re: NYmom1

                                                                    So I finally heard from Liz that I had won (although it seems like they gave it to everyone who entered and wasn't blogging for them, and they did not list a specific winner). I wasn't given a choice, but got a $60 gift certificate for Le Jardin Du Rois in Chappaqua in the mail ($60 is the standard GC amount that restaurants have to give Valley Table as part of their participation in HVRW, to be used for contests and the like). Given that I'm in Yorktown, it's not all that far and I could have done much worse. I'll probably use it to go to brunch with my family, the 4 of us should be able to eat for that price (plus if I make a reservation thru Savored, I get 25% off!).

                                                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                                                        Congrats! I've never been to that restaurant but I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves. Plus, as you said, it's not far from you. Enjoy!

                                                                  2. They've already announced the dates for the fall Restaurant Weeks - November 4-17! It's nice to have it twice a year, I just wish it was spaced out a bit better, as the one in March is just 4 months after the one in November.

                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                    1. re: Solstice444

                                                                      Yeah, for my birthday again! I agree, they should do them 6 months apart, especially since March and November aren't exactly prime times for local produce.