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Feb 8, 2013 04:53 PM

Storm shout out to Po-Boys sandwiches, Craft street, Newton!!

Wild and marginally hair raising careen into town from 02465 to deliver my Intensive Care R.N. wife to work at 1900 hours friday night.

Nobody driving, nothing open, 30 MPH winds, blowing snow, zombie apocalypse every where, when....

Is that Po-Boys sign on?

" Sure, fried Shrimp po-boy, decent tomato, romaine and a homemade remoulade, and an order of fresh cut onion rings hot out of the new fryer? Yeah, I can do tha...
" Whats that?, fresh catfish from Ipswich Fish? ok, ill need breakfast in 11 hours when i go back to get her, make me up another one"
" Really? when the weather gets nice you are going to put tables outside and have a saxaphone player, so i can grab a sandwich while im going to Martys and Whole Foods?


Ill go back just to support this kind of sheer dedication, that the sandwich is excellent (ciabatta being my only caveat, god, i want it on Clear Flour Baguette but one cant have everything) is nearly inconcievable.

Local guy, breakfasts if you want, subs, frappes, sodas, coffee, etc

just go, even in a blizzard.

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  1. glad i stopped watching the news.. this was the best blizzard story of the nite...

      1. Great to hear. I wondered how it was going to be and was not encouraged by the Boar's Head sign out in front. Now it's a must-try.

        1. what a great report....and you are a hero for getting your wife to the ICU for work!!!!

          1. A sax player?! Wow! Maybe they'll need a trumpeter next ;)