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Feb 8, 2013 04:15 PM

Marjoram. What an Herb!!!

So yesterday I'm in the grocery store--an in quite the hurry. Since I have a tendancy to not pay too much attention to detail when I'm rushed, what I thought was fresh thyme, was actually a bunch of marjoram--which I didn't realize till I got home.
Now. I love cooking with fresh herbs--but it is always either thyme, savory, rosemary, basil, bay leaf, cilantro--but I've never used this marjoram. When I realized my error, I was so surprised by the scent. This herb smells like old-school church insence! Anyway, I just made a mushroom soup and used quite a bit of this marjoram..this could become my new favorite herb?
So fellow CH'ers--what do you use marjoram in? I am really curious!

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  1. I've used it mostly in Swedish potato sausage, a triumph of pork and potato. I like Victoria Wise's recipe from American Charcuterie, but other recipes abound. Not being in any way Swedish, I think the simpler recipe the better, but I'd like to hear from Swedes if that's a good idea. If you don't want to stuff it in casings, you can make patties.

    1. I like the flavours also. It is a good part of the flavour in herbes de provence. I mix up my own blend, it doesn't work without marjoram. Lavender on the other hand is optional, I leave it out. Grilled veg, roast chicken are good candidates for seasoning.

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        Get outta town!!! I had no idea that marjoram was in Herbes de provence!! I have quite a bit of the Herbes de p. and never, ever realized marjoram was in there! I'm going downstairs now to check it out:)

      2. I use a small pinch of it in roast gravy, along with my usual thyme, bay and peppercorns.

        Liver dishes get a large pinch of marjoram. It just really works with liver.

        1. Ive grown marjoram for almost 20 years so I use quite often. Its good when you want a background spice but you don't want the strength of its cousin oregano.

          1. LOVE it in Italian sauces/'gravy'.....not as strong as fresh