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Feb 8, 2013 04:08 PM

Snowbound - What are you eating tonight?

I am snowbound on Cape Cod and didn't really plan for being stuck inside for too long. I made a lovely turkey beanless chili with blue corn chips. Comfort food would be quite nice tonight, say, some mac n cheese. What are you eating during Nemo?

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  1. There's a current thread about what people are cooking during the blizzard on the Home Cooking board, at

    1. In expectation of the weather tonight, Yesterday I made 12 quarts of chicken soup. I removed the meat and vegetables, and left the pot outside on the patio table to chill overnight. This morning before the snow started I brought it in and skimmed all the fat and triple strained the soup.
      This afternoon I made three dozen matzo balls. Tonight we had the soup with matzo balls, and boned soup chicken and vegetables (so did the dogs). For desert we had banana bread my wife baked this afternoon.
      We have a couple of fireplaces going, in case we lose power. The joys of a 200+ year old house is 5 fireplaces, including several with ovens in the adjoining walls. So we foil wrapped some potatoes and cooked them in the fireplace, and there's a pot au feu going in the main fireplace.
      Not worrying about keeping things cold if the power goes out, we'll just wrap things well and put them on the balcony to stay cold.

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        I am of an age where the only really worthwhile thing about winter is the ability to use the attached garage as additional refrigerator/freezer space.