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Feb 8, 2013 04:03 PM

Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza - Morristown

I read about this place on another thread, so I investigated their website. You have NO idea how annoyed I am that I can't jump over to Morristown right now to check this out...but seeing that Roberto Caporuscio (of Keste and Don Antonio) was there for their opening, I suspect there's going to be some good pizza coming out of that oven! Read the About Us section and you'll see that on paper (at least) they're on the right track! You can also browse the Feb 2013 archive for the video showing Roberto's gorgeous pies coming out of the oven...hopefully he has taught them well!

Has anyone been yet?

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  1. The place looks beautiful Curlz.....but like others on the NJ Board have opined....19 and 22 bucks for a pizza in NJ doesn't want to make me rush there....but I will certainly give it a try when I'm in the area. Thanks for the heads up.

    Recently, I went to Fratelli's in Elmwood Park. Although the reviews have been fairly good, I can't find much good to say about it myself. The Meatball pizza was burned Black on the bottom and incredibly, not all the slices had any hint of meatball on it. The Family sized Cranberry Walnut Gorgonzola salad had very little Walnuts or Gorgonzola in it, and way too many dried cranberries. The Shrimp Beeps had a great sauce, but the shrimp were of poor quality...The worst part of dinner on a Sunday evening, which they hint at family dining.....was the yahoos in the Sports Bar and the sound blasting from the televisions.

    Needless to say, I won't be rushing to get back there either.

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      Interesting...I hadn't read about the prices or looked at the menu. Knowing that, I'd much prefer to go to Arturo's! Still, that pizza (and the place) *look* damn good; I'd be curious to hear how it tastes.

      1. re: Curlz

        Perception plays a big part in how I, and many others realize value....on the face, I would say it seems high, but that's without knowing the weight of the dough, the tomatoes and the does not matter to me what the size of the pie they just stretch the dough in most I would have to wonder if this is what any particular place does...In Millie's case, the difference in $3 would be interesting to see what separates the small and large offering.

        I would also note that most of the meatball choices are for 3 meatball plates at $9,50. I don't recall if they have a liquor license from glancing at the menu, but two apps , two pies and a couple of drinks or bottles of water and your bill would be approaching $70 before tax and tip.

        this was my similar experience at Bivio, which I did like very much, except for the owner/ the end, I guess if I'm going to spend those dollars on pizza, I'm going to hold them to a very high standard and be very critical.....unlike a pizza for around $15.

        Fancy is nice, their ovens are spiffy.....but if the pizza in not exceptional, they will have a hard time just like A Mano did with growing pains.

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          We live in town, and I have been driving past this place and saying that I want to try it. An early dinner tonight but be the time it happens. I am figuring that if we split a salad, taste a 3-meatball serving and then try a $22 large pie, we should get away with $57 including tax and tip. I think that's reasonable. Of course, we will bring a bottle of wine. I will report back.

          1. re: Marie07960

            My biggest gripe with places that try to bill themselves as authentic pizza like you would get in Italy....the quality of ingredients used. Are they purchasing the items or are they making them in house, e.g., the sausage and mozzarella. There's a place near me that many people like, but their sausage seems like I something I could get at any pizzeria that is in the fashion of sliced links.....Their mozz is terrible with no taste or creaminess to melts like to a plastic consistency,.

            Should you do get to make it over to Millie's before I do, please do report back....especially about the cheese.


    2. Millies does make their own mozzarella.

      we have tried both the wood and coal pies. The coal is great, the wood exceptional...I wasn't a huge fan of the chunky highly acidic sauce on the coal pie...but the marinara they serve with their meatballs is quite good. Crust on the wood fired pie was about perfect. The coal was good too, but soggier towards the middle. Loved the spicy soprasetta as a change from pepperoni.

      the meatballs are deep fried. Very crust outside but a bit dry least for takeout. Dine in probably better.

      1. And yes, it is pricey. I'm not sure how Ridgewood and Morristown rents compare, but $11 for a Margherita at A Mano is a lot more palatable.

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          We did go to Millies for an early supper on Saturday night. We started with a Acadian salad which came with a slab of nice bacon - slightly undercooked for my taste - but still good. Although I liked the apricot dressing, it was a bit sweet. We ordered 3 meatballs on a bed of ricotta with mozzarella melted on top. Although good, the meatballs were a little too almalgamated for me. You could not call them "rustic" by any means. Now for the pizza: we ordered a large coal-fired signature. I loved it. Nice chewy crust, but it was slightly soft (floppy) towards the middle as mentioned above. Not a problem. The first triangle was eaten with a knife and fork. My husband is not the crust-lover that I am so he left a pile of crust on his plate. The next time we go, we will try the wood-fired pie which seems to have less crust. We treat pizza as a treat and usually have it about once a month. Until we tried this place, we were fans of the grandma pie at Tomato Pie - just a block down the street.

        2. 4/15/13 ordered a meatball sandwich to go. When I opened it there was no sauce-dry. There were 3 meatballs on an 8" sub roll. $12.75 is an absurd price. The meatballs were good but on the dry side. Split a large wood fired meatball pizza with a friend while waiting for the sub to go. Nice crust and good flavor. Minimal meatballs on the pizza and not well distributed. Some slices had almost no meatballs. Pricey.

          1. The place is expensive but imagine the rent on south street. They are definitely turning out high quality if not mind blowing pies.