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Feb 8, 2013 03:56 PM

Lunch at Lime Tree [San Francisco]

Place always filled with neighborhood lunch crowd. We had our usual favs. Roti, corn fritters, beef rendeng, salmon in banana leaf. Yummy. Got my sambal hot sauce to kick it up a notch. Can't be beat quality for the price. Beef flavorful and just tender enough. Roti piping hot off the pan with cup of curry sauce. Lovely lemongrass flavored sauce with the salmon, sopped up with rice. Fritters just seem to fly off the plate. All good.

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  1. So nice to hear Lime Tree is still good! We went twice a couple of years ago on different visits to SF and really enjoyed it. With myriad other choices we haven't made it back, alas.

    1. YES!!! Lime Tree is great! I've lived in Singapore, so I know the stuff. The chef (Is his name Chris? )comes from Jakarta, so this is as authentic as it gets.

      Rendang is great, but definitely try the Martabak (sp?) We buy a TON and ask for extra curry sauce and sambal to take away. Parking is difficult, but if you order ahead, the staff is very accommodating and wait for you to drive up with the cash in hand.

      Their Laksa which is served during weekends was a disappointment. I think you can do better with a Prima Taste package cooked at home. The secret is the Laksa Leaf called Rau Ram in Vietnamese.

      If you are in Menlo Park, go to Shiok. Try their Roti and Laksa iw a treat.

      1. This is definitely one of our favorite places. The owner and chef, Ming used to cook at Straits cafe. The menu is fairly limited, but mostly everything is quite good.

        Our favorites include:

        - roti prata
        - murtabak (they also make an excellent vegetarian version of this dish)
        - beef rendang
        - indonesian fried rice (nasi goreng?)
        - chili crab (if in season, special on weekends)
        - salmon pepes (salmon in curry sauce in banana leaf)