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Cooking sprays

I usually avoid cooking sprays, but there are times when they would be so convenient. Are there any that are better than others? Are there any that are healthy (or at least not overtly unhealthy)?

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  1. The cooking sprays at Whole Foods get my vote.

    I've been using them for quite a few years.

    1. I stopped using cooking spray more than 40 years ago, when we noticed that my daughter, then an infant, began coughing only seconds after using it in a distant room. I haven't used it since.

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        cooking sprays 40 years ago? I didn't recall even seeing a brand of cooking spray that far back. But apparently PAM was invented in 1959.

      2. I used to use cooking sprays a lot but now rely heavily on my Misto sprayer. You can add any oil and it's the same idea without the associated chemical compounds.

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          I hate the cooking sprays as well. I finally bought a Misto and use it almost daily. Love it!

        2. Misto w grapeseed oil-- high smoke point, neutral flavor-- because I despise the taste of canola oil.

          1. You don't say why you want to know. I have never used cooking spray for pan frying and that type of cooking. But when it comes to cookies, pork chops etc. Anything that will dirty up a baking sheet. I am hooked on Non-stick Reynolds wrap. Not cheap. But clean-up's a breeze!

            1. I don't remember how I heard about iit, but there's a professional pam thing that I've only seen once, and by golly it does what thre original pam doesn't- makes nonstick surfaces absolutely nonstick. I only found it once, unfortunately. Maybe they recalled it for all I know, but boy howdy, it worked so well...

              1. All commercial cooking sprays contain soy lecithin & some type of propellant, so if healthfulness is a concern you're better off buying a Misto and filling it with your oil of choice.

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                  OK, thanks everyone! Misto it is. (I once had a cat we called Misto... short for Mistoffelees, from Cats... :)

                2. I've used a variety of cooking sprays from Spectrum and been quite happy with them. I did receive a Misto recently and plan to switch over once my canned sprays are used up.