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Feb 8, 2013 03:19 PM

What to substitute for lemon-lime soda?

I have a recipe that I want to use that calls for 1/4 cup of lemon-lime soda. I'd rather stick with something more healthy. Can I use lemon juice, lime juice, splenda and water instead? If so, what ratio do you recommend?

I'm thinking a tsp each of juice and splenda then enough water to make about 1/4 cup. Does that sound about right? Or have I completely missed the mark on this and should I go with something else?

UPDATE: This is for a diabetic and we don't want soda. It's for a Kalbi recipe.

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  1. it would help a lot if we knew what the recipe is for. :-)

    1. How is splenda "more healthy"? <head scratch>

      Why not get a can of natural lemon lime soda made with cane sugar? Sprite makes one plus your local HFS store if filled with ones made w/o artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners

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          Huh? Splenda is sucralose, which is not digestable, and therefore not a source of calories. It also doesn't cause an insulin spike. So if you are trying to limit calories or keep your insulin levels stable, sucralose is healthier than HFCS and cane sugar (sucrose), which are chemically nearly identical to each other. Both are easy calorie sources that cause rapid insulin spikes; there's no scientific evidence that your natural lemon-lime soda is any better for you than a can of Sprite.

          (Splenda also has a small amount of glucose, which is in cane sugar, and maltodextrin, which is broken down into glucose when we digest it.)

        2. I would think part of the reason the recipe calls for soda at all is it needs the carbonation. So you could try maybe some plain soda/tonic water/carbonated water with some lemon and lime juice. Or since you're fine with using splenda, why not just use diet lemon lime soda?

          1. I'm thinking a tsp each of juice and splenda then enough water to make about 1/4 cup.

            If you're going to go the Splenda route, why not just buy a can of Diet Sprite?

            Also, subbing in Splenda *may* have unintended consequences depending on what you're making, esp. if the recipe is reliant on actual sugar, or fructose or sucrose.

            Also, lemon-lime soda isn't really that tart, nor does it really taste like lemon, or lime, or lemon and lime. I would just use some carbonated water with a bit of sugar -- cuz, c'mon, a little sugar never hurt anyone.

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              Actually a little sugar does. lol! This is for a severe diabetic.

            2. Totally depends on what you're making. There are a lot of things that chemical sweeteners won't do, like caramelize, so it would help to know what the end result is supposed to be.