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Fresh Lobster in YYC? Price vs. Quality?

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Doing lobster for Valentines. I've gotten medium sized fresh ones at North Sea Fish in Crowfoot before for about $30 a critter.

Is a place like StupidStore or T&T going to be that much cheaper? Has anyone noticed a difference in quality between a seafood specific shop and a general grocery store?


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  1. I was wondering about that myself today!

    1. Bought some at Sobey's Shawnessey and they were surprisingly sweet with full claws, a sign that they haven't spent too much time in a pound. $13 per pound.

      Generally they are cheaper at Superstore and T & T, but not always. Also, Superstore and T & T usually have good turnover.

      That said, quality will vary anywhere unless the green soon-to-be red guys are shipped soon after capture.

      1. Sobeys has a deal on for Valentine's: Live lobster for $9.99/lb. I often buy from them when there's a sale; Larry (the seafood guy at Coventry location) tells me they get the lobster from Billingsgate, and truthfully I have yet to be disappointed. My two lobsters came in at $28 yesterday and were tender, sweet, and the claws full.

        On that note, I bought a live lobster the other day from Stupid Store, and it was exactly opposite. The meat in the claws was minuscule and the shell was surprisingly soft to the point I could crack it with my hands w/o injury. Won't be going back to SS for lobster. There was something hinky about that critter...

        1. My son works at Sobey's in Silverado. He brought me home five delicious lobsters on Saturday night..http://dishnthekitchen.wordpress.com/...

          1. I've bought other things before from Boyd's on 14th St and never a problem. They seem to have a nice selection of lobsters all the time.

            1. Saw the sign on the way home from work yesterday while driving down 14th. Boyd's has live Lobsters for $11.99/lb right now.

              1. The only 2 cents I have to chime in with is - does North Sea Fish separate males/females? Do any fish mongers do that anymore? Back in the day (now I'm sounding old) when my grandfather had his cannery in Newfoundland (ok we're talking before 1955) it was illegal to take females of any size, they all had to be put back. This kind of makes me a big proponent of sustainable fishing practices and that is usually how I pick the places I buy lobster at.

                That being said, not many places here in YEG separate them (or even have staff that know the difference) - I'm usually left to determine that myself and make my own picks from the tanks.

                My personal preference for quality would be T&T - they have a great turnover and the quality has always been excellent when I've purchased there, they also seem to watch prices and match or beat them when lobster is on sale elsewhere.