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Feb 8, 2013 01:55 PM

Good food in Canton, Ohio

We will be in Canton next week for a college swim event at the Natatorium near the Football Hall of Fame, staying at the Courtyard Marriott near Belden Circle. We have been to Canton for this event many times and in recent years, the restaurant scene seems to be improving. We will be having lunch with our college age son and probably some of his friends on three afternoons and late dinners with other couples on 4 evenings. We'd prefer to avoid the chains that are so prominent and often crowded at lunch, and would love to find a few nice places for our dinners. In earlier years, we depended on Mulligan's, but last 2 years they disappointed. Where can we go for casual lunches nearby. For dinner, we would drive a bit further, but not too much. Where do Canton foodies like to eat? Thanks.

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  1. Well it's been about 17 years since I've been there, but (warning: auto loads music) was a weekly venture when I lived up there. Sad to here that Mulligan's has gone downhill. That used to be our 2nd fave Canton chow spot.

    1. If you are upfor Indian there is a great little place by Belden Village Mall. Bombay Sitar. It doesnt look like much on the outside but the food is quite good.

      The Geisen Haus used to be good when I took some classes at Stark Tech but that has been 15 years ago. They do have a great beer selection, but it can be noisy.

      John Bars on Cleveland Ave is solid w/ a great fish fry, but it might not be the place to take teenagers.