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Feb 8, 2013 01:39 PM

Best "Little Gems" in town

I often come to Seattle and am always looking for those secret places like Green Leaf, that smal but powerful gem in Chinatown under the freeway..
Will be arriving next week. Can you help me with some other hidden gems. Lunch and Dinner spots.

Love most types of food esp. ethnic, and, seafood.

We stay in Renton but, always go into town for shopping (REI) and, PPM.



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  1. Place Pigalle in PPM is small and terrific views. Great food and good service. Il Corvo in Pioneer Square is a good lunch spot Pink Door in PPM's Post Alley is another spot not to be missed. I appreciate it much more at dinner than lunch.

    Enjoy your time in Seattle!

    1. You might consider Boat Street Cafe, for French Proven├žal influenced dishes with a small but delicious menu. I recommend dinner or pre-dinner drinks, since the pickle plate (one of the most amazing dishes in Seattle) isn't available on the lunch menu. A favorite after work relaxer date for me is the house pate plate, the small pickle plate, and a glass of wine or beer.

      You should also consider heading south of the 90 into the Rainier Valley. Not only is there a ton of excellent hole-in-the wall Vietnamese, but my favorite Italian restaurant in Seattle: La Medusa.

      La Medusa bills itself as Sicilian Soul Food, but many of their dishes (menu changes all the time) belie that in their sophistication and execution. Follow it up with a trip to Full Tilt Ice Cream (a short walk down the street, or a 2 minute drive) for some of the best 'scream in Seattle.

      1. Kabul, an Afghan restaurant, is very good. I'd kill for the yummy rice.
        U:don in the U-district has great udon.

        1. Thanks folks these are great suggestions. esp Kabul.

          Please chime in w more lesser $$ places.

          He LOVES burgers

          I prefer seafood and eat only GLUTEN FREE

          Maybe a couple of Renton places or in nearby Tukwila or Issaquah

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            K.Q. - There is an exhaustive thread on burgers here:


            If you enjoy Thai cuisine (which of course will include seafood & gluten free dishes) Issaquah's Noodle Boat is a real gem:


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              Heaven Sent fried chicken is down in Renton. Really enjoyed the spicy recipe batter, crisp, flavorful and not greasy. Service was homey and friendly, also. Not sure how or if this ties in with gluten free diet, if at all. Maybe they have a baked option?

            2. K.Q., Be sure to try the Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Pepper in the International District. Also, unusual and excellent food at Long's Provincial (downtown). If you always liked the Seinfeld episode with the food Nazi, I suggest lunch at Bakeman's Cafe for their amazing turkey sandwiches. Be sure you KNOW what you want to order before getting to the head of the line...

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              1. re: Leper

                Wow, thanks for posting, Leper. I am embarrassed that I have not heard of either 7 Stars or Bakeman's but can't wait to try both. What's the scoop w/Bakeman's? Is there a pretty long wait generally?

                1. re: TheCarrieWatson

                  I first started going to Bakeman's when I worked in Pioneer Square at my very first job in the late 70's. It is a survivor from the pre-Microsoft, pre-yuppie, pre-foodie Seattle. The turkey sandwich is the star. It is just a turkey sandwich, but it is a good one.

                  The line moves quickly, their stock and trade is taking care of rank and file office workers that have exactly 1 hour to get back to the office, including the walking time there and back.


                  1. re: Gizmo56

                    That's terrific. I will be trying that place out as soon as I can. Today, hopefully.

                    1. re: TheCarrieWatson

                      also, if you are going with your friend to Bakeman's... let your friend go first in line.

                      The Bakeman's nazi will ask your friend to pay for yours as well. ;)

                2. re: Leper

                  Seven Stars is where my team from work goes when we everyone wants chinese. My favorite thing that they order is some sort of cold pickled fish dish. They all speak Mandarin, though, and I tried to go back with just my boyfriend and nothing was as good or spicy. I attribute this to me not knowing what to order, and I have a feeling that what I get with co-workers is not all on the english menu.