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Feb 8, 2013 01:15 PM

Where do you buy your nuts from?

Just eating from a container of Planter's from BJ's and they aren't the greatest. The peanuts are very tiny and not many cashews in the lot. I have tried Aunt Ruby's peanuts from down south and they are good but where do you get your nuts and mixed nuts selections from? Thanks!

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  1. I make my own nut concoction and buy the constituent nuts in bulk from Sprouts and a local Indian market called Gandhi Bazaar. This is the cheapest, best way I've found.

    It also helps that I've got a couple of very fecud pecan trees in my backyard.

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      +1 on Sprouts. In the bulk barrels, I can buy 5 lbs. or 5 ozs, which is perfect in keeping a fresh batch in stock at home. Plus, they sell blanched raw peanuts, which I roast at home. Their price on pine nuts is also not insane, and I can get my macadamias for my not-yucky-stuff fruitcake every Christmas. Love Sprouts.

      Haven't had much luck at the Indian markets near me...may be a turnover problem, since the nuts aren't fresh enough.

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          I'm a lucky son of a gun. That said, where I live, pecan trees are so common that it's easy to take them for granted. The best way not to take them for granted is to eat the pecans.

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          I miss the days when I was a kid, and my mother would buy local California walnuts by the gunny sack (around 400 pounds a year!) and shell them on the back porch. When they were shelled and picked over she'd box them up and ship them to her sisters in Alabama...who would reciprocate with local pecans they'd shelled for us. MAN those were good nuts.

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            Another vote for Sprouts. I don't eat a lot of nuts by themselves, but whenever I need them for cooking or baking, I buy them there, they are fresh and I like that I can pick the quantity.

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              I'm surprised that so many of you like the nuts from Sprouts - they always smell rancid and taste "off" to me. I also don't think I've ever been there without spotting at least one person shoving their bare hands into the big barrels, so if I do buy something in bulk there it's strictly out of the mounted gravity-pour bins.

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                  I only use the ones from the mounted bins. I would wonder if it has to do with the location... ie how much turnover they have. I've never had mine smell rancid or off, and they last a little while after buying them too.

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                    I would think it's a location problem too, except that I've encountered it at a number of different locations in LA & San Diego. Fortunately I have other purchasing options and I have no other real reason to shop at Sprouts, so it's no skin off my nose.

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                      Agree it could be a location issue (I'm also in San Diego): I've never seen anyone hand-scoop from the bulk bins (or "taste test" from them), and the turnover at my store must be high, because the quality has always been quite good.

              1. At Walgreens I buy the packs of Blue Diamond almonds. I strongly prefer the roasted with sea salt, but so apparently does everyone else. I didn't find them the last time I sought them.

                At Winco I finally found in this town a pack of roasted and salted sunflower seeds. And they have a good price on Diamond walnuts.

                1. Trader Joe's honey roasted peanuts are pretty good, better than Planters a a little cheaper. They also have addictive candied walnuts.
                  Overall TJs has a good price/quality ratio on their nuts.

                  1. Costco. Buy those big containers of Kirkland ones. We generally do the mixed, but occasionally the cashews.

                    Another fun one is www.nuts.com. You can make a custom mix - not exactly cheap, but kinda fun!

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                      Love love www.nuts.com. The bigger the order the cheaper the shipping. I usually get my order within 2 days of ordering. So much more variety and very fresh!

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                        Another vote for Nuts.com - they easily have the best selection and excellent quality for decent prices. Unfortunately the shipping kills me, so I don't order from them very often anymore unless they have a really good promo.

                        For brick & mortar purchases it's Trader Joe's, Whole Foods & Sprouts.

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                          second the recommendation of costco.
                          i've NEVER gotten stale, old, nor small-sized nuts from them.
                          the stuff at TJ's, imho, doesn't begin to compare.

                          will often make candied pecans and will only use costco.
                          their pistachios and peanuts too have been much better than any of the other local purveyors.

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                            I've gotten rancid walnuts and soft/soggy almonds from Costco more than once, but I've also had problems with nuts from TJ's a couple of times.

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                            For those who don't need to buy in bulk and/or pay $55 for the privilege, Costco is a non-starter. westsidegal doesn't say why she thinks TJ's nuts don't begin to compare, but they compare well in quality and especially price with the products that are practical for the likes of me, such as Planter's.

                          3. I find Trader Joe's to be a great quality and fairly priced.

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                                  Yup. Love all of the flavored almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts - and the "blister peanuts," boiled before being roasted, were a revelation.

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                                    Trader Joes has very fresh nuts at most locations.