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Feb 8, 2013 12:59 PM

Staying at Eventi and Seeing Sleep No More

Hi all,

Thanks for the great recommendations and discussions. My friend and I are coming in to NYC from Toronto next weekend for her birthday. Saturday night we are going to Sleep No More and were thinking of having a late dinner afterwards somewhere nearby. I'm debating between Co. and Ovest for pizza but would be up for other suggestions. Also we would probably grab a few drinks before heading back to our hotel, Eventi. I'm thinking Breslin or Rattle N Hum but recommendations would be helpful.

On Sunday, we're going to stop by Clinton Street Baking Co. for breakfast before the Chinese New Year parade. That evening we have reservations at Public or Acme. Which one would you choose? I had wanted to go to NoMad but they were booked up when I got around to it. We're planning to visit the MoMA on Monday morning before heading out. Where can we get breakfast around the museum? Thanks all very much.

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  1. Ha, I had some Toronto friends come to NYC last year and they ALSO stayed at the Eventi and saw Sleep No More (they loved it, one is a huge cinema nerd and the other is a marathon runner). We actually caught up at brunch at the Breslin the next day.

    If you are going to the early SNM show (7pm), we love dropping by Txikito for a late night dinner afterwards (the show ends around 10pm, plan to meet up in the cabaret or outside afterwards as you will probably be separated - which is a good thing, the show is best experienced alone). BTW, even though the entry times are staggered, you can get in line at any time before 8pm. They start letting people in around 6:45pm. Have a light snack beforehand and get in line around 6:30pm. Otherwise you are paying for up to 45 minutes of show you don't get to see.

    For drinks, you could also do the lobby bar at the Ace Hotel if the Breslin is too crowded. Or the bar at the NoMad. If you are into whiskey, Maysville or the Flatiron Room would work as well. Flatiron Room also does cocktails.

    However, SNM is pretty exhausting if you get really into it and try to follow the actors so you might end up crashing early. A lot of friends of mine say they were exhausted and slept really well afterwards (and/or had crazy dreams).

    On Sunday, Clinton St opens at 8am for coffee and pastries but doesn't serve hot food until 9am. Make sure you get there a little before opening (say 8:30?), otherwise the wait will be 1-2 hours.

    For breakfast around MoMA, since you're coming from the Eventi anyway, stop by Bouchon Bakery in Rockefeller Center. There's also a Jacques Torres, Dean & Deluca, and Blue Bottle coffee now. You could also have breakfast at the Breslin.

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      That's too funny! Thanks so much for the suggestions. We're quite looking forward to the show.

      1. re: bapto

        If you can get up early enough to get there by 9:00 I agree with breakfast at The Breslin.

        As for dinner near SNM you may want to look into Trestle on Tenth.

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          Weekday breakfast at the Breslin always seems pretty quiet to me. They serve 7:00am to 11:45am.

          1. re: kathryn

            Oh, I thought they were looking for weekend, my mistake.