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Feb 8, 2013 12:57 PM

What is the best electronic meat grinder?

My grandmother wants to buy electronic meat grinder, but is not sure which one she should get.

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  1. That all depends on what you are grinding up, how much., and how often.

    I have a grinder attachment for the Hobarts I have at home (mixer, buffalo chopper, and power drive unit).

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      She uses it about twice a week to grind turkey, chicken, and pork.

      She does not have Hobarts.

    2. Definitely not a kitchen aid attachment. That thing sucks for grinding meat.

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        1. re: Johnny L

          I disagree. I love the KA grinder attachment.

          1. re: bbqme

            Well I'm using it in a professional kitchen setting and grinding 20 lbs of brisket is no fun. Also if you want your meat to come out in long strands it won't do that (in case you wanted to make burgers like Mission Chinese Food).

        2. If she is using it that often I would look at one of the more heavy duty units like the ones used for beef jerky. They are stand alone units , and will have motors rated for lots of grinding. This subject has been covered before, so a search of the forum should get you more on specific brands to consider.

          1. The $500 one.

            Entry level electric grinders come in at about $100+/- (I assume you mean electric - I don't know if home market grinders entered the electronic age yet).
            In my opinion, they are all basically created equally lousy with plastic gears, cold metal, etc.
            (two different such models crapped out on me within weeks of purchase. Today, I rely on my hand-crank)

            If she's going to use it that often, get a professional one, maybe $500 or so, something like this
            Twice a week works out to $5/use in a year, $2.50/use in 2 years, and so on.