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Feb 8, 2013 11:46 AM


I realize that this barely qualifies as a food-related question, but where's a good place to buy Peeps? I'm looking for somewhere that really sells all different colors and varieties (both bunnies and chicks), not places like Walgreens which just have a few different colors.

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    must you have a local source asap?

    interested in making your own custom peeps?

    In Sonoma County, I find a good selection of seasonal Peeps at Raley's.

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    1. re: Cynsa

      Two cats replying to a dog's request? I thought you guys don't get along!

      1. re: Cynsa

        The problem with buying them online is that you have to buy a case of each color. That would give me hundreds more Peeps than I need.

      2. Powell's Sweet Shop opened recently on College Ave. in Oakland. They had all kinds of peeps at Christmas. There are other locations in the Bay Area. Try Googling it. (Sort of a ghastly place, though, with its own radio station. I'd hate to work there.)

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        1. I shudder to think why you need, or what you are going to do with all those Peeps.

          Nonetheless, you're my hero for undertaking such a task.

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