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Feb 8, 2013 11:35 AM


Planning a birthday gathering in Boston in March and would like to get a cake but of course don't know a decent bakery. We will be staying in the Cambridge area. Thanks.

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  1. Lyndell's has a Cambridge and Somerville location. This place is great.

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      I never cared for Lyndells. Very very sugary frosting. I second Flour Bakery. They have 2 other locations in Boston in the South End and near the waterfront which might be more convenient depending on where in Boston your celebration is.

      1. Flour Bakery & Cafe at 190 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge will prepare a cake that will taste as good as it looks. Their Boston Cream Pie Cake has become our go-to for events.

        I've also heard raves for the triple Chocolate Mousse.

        There are photos of a couple we ordered for different occasions here.

        They make them in many sizes and sell slices over the counter so you can taste test some.


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          I am not a fan of all of Flour's products, but will emphatically second this recommendation. The Boston Cream Pie is amazing, and the folks at Flour are awesome about doing special order versions.

          (I got one as a birthday cake for Jenny Ondioline once, way back when there was only the South End Flour, and had to get it home to Allston by public transportation. I'm happy to say that I got it safely home via the Silver Line and the 66 bus.)

        2. Each of these sound fabulous. It will be a tough decision as I've checked them out online. Thanks much for your help.


          1. Anybody have any comments about party favors in Brookline, I haven't been but heard the made tasty cakes

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              we get all the grandchildrens' birthday cakes at party favors - they are great to work with, will make any kind of design, and the kids love them. the cakes are reasonably tasty for the kind of confections they are, but I don't consider them first-rate bakery products (too much sugar and frosting for me). For adult occasions, we like Vickie Lee's lemon or hazelnut confections, also beautiful but with a much lighter hand and more suited to adults. I haven't tried Flour's (not a big fan of their other baked goods so I just haven't felt compelled to invest in a cake there). Japonaise makes a remarkable green tea cream cake and, in general their genoise style cream cakes are very good. Royale in East Cambridge makes a classic whipped cream strawberry sponge. For quick "pick up" we live near Athans and quite like their lemon mousse cake which is lovely to look at and light as can be for that type of confection.