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Feb 8, 2013 11:21 AM

Azul Café, Valle de Guadalupe: Southern Mexico's Coffee Without Leaving Baja

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  1. Over the last few years I've been lucky enough to Veracruz a few times, and specifically Coatepec which is one of the bigger coffee growing regions there. The first time I brought home a few bags of coffee, the 2nd time I brought 12 half kilo bags home. We've absolutely fallen for the different coffees from Coatepec. They're fruity, smooth, mellow and very easy to drink.

    We finally used up the last of the Coatepec coffee a few months ago. The change over back to the coffee available here locally, for substantially more I might add, has been jarring. When the Coatepec coffee ran out I jokingly said may be I needed to hop on a plane and make a coffee run. It's nice to know there are closer options :-)

    There is a place in Tijuana called Sospeso (behind the CaliMex a block down from the Camino Real) that has single source beans, or blends if you want, and roasts them on site. Their coffees are nice as well. It helps to understand and/or speak a little Spanish as there is not much English at Caffe Sospeso.