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Feb 8, 2013 11:11 AM

Help! Seeking Birthday Gift Ideas for My Food-Obsessed Husband

Looking for ideas for some of the best foodie gifts you know of for my husband's upcoming birthday. Is there an incredibly gourmet or adventurous food of the month club you know of? Maybe a farm where you get the freshest meats on demand? A fantastic food tour of deepest Virginia? My husband loves trying exotic foods, foreign foods and street food. Anything authentic and interesting. Would love any and all ideas you've got.
Many thanks

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  1. What about a couples' weekend with L'academie de cuisine? I think they do them at local inns. Or just a couples class? They have some excellent guest chefs, like Nick Maglieri.

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    1. Not local necessarily but Zingerman's has some awesome gifts. They have a cheese of the month club...or even better a Bacon of the Month Club!

        1. Anthony Bourdain's speaking tour has a stop in May at DAR.