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Feb 8, 2013 11:00 AM

Struggling in Etobicoke/SixPoints...Help- Takeout!!

Hey CHs,
We moved from central TO to the Dundas/Bloor area, and are really struggling to find good food. I've searched many a post on here, but really there isn't much chatter about this area. We've found Taste of Thailand which we quite enjoy, but I'm getting tired of our weekly Thai takeout. Really desperate for some sushi- but everything we've tried sucked (not a fan of Kumo, Sushi2go). Didn't enjoy The Queensway Rotisserie & Grill. Found good pizza at Dinos. We are okay if we have to drive to pick stuff up.

Can you CHs help? we really want to find: sushi, indian, hakka, korean and anything else that is tasty!!

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  1. Try Silk Road. It's terrible parking, but their lamb noodle soup is awesome.

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      Is there a particularly good day/time to go? The one time I tried I was turned away for not having a reservation. Then called to make a reservation and was asked what I wanted to order. Not having been there to see the menu yet, I didn't know what to say.

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        Are we talking about the same Silk Road? It's a tiny hole in the wall takeout joint with fluorescent lighting, no heat and maybe 6 tables?!

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          Sorry - missed this reply somehow. Yes, we are talking about the exact same one. Fully the definition of hole in the wall. And yes, they wouldn't let me in without a reservation or pre-ordering. I have to admit I was pretty shocked.

          This was a while back though, I haven't tried recently.

    2. Kebab 49 is good for Turkish. Paul and Sandy's for BBQ. Pho House for Vietnamese. Bom Appetite for Portuguese. Fat Bastard for burritos. Sorry don't know of good sushi, Indian, Hakka or Korean in area.

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        Kebab 49 has amazing authentic Turkish food - it looks like a typical doner place from the outside but is a sit-down restaurant (if you want) with friendly staff and tons of lovely menu items. Try the wood oven lamb/beef - it's actually a traditional stew cooked in a clay dish.

      2. Try Chodang Soon Tofu for cheap but tasty Korean spicy soups, etc. There are a few ethnic restos on the Lake Shore between Mimico and Long Branch but Silk Road is probably the best bet for authentic muslim-Chinese lamb skewers and noodles. For hakka, you have to go to the airport or Mississauga area. Kumo is the best sushi in that area unless you want to splurge on world-class Kaji. I've been dying to try Kebab 49. Dino's has passable turkish pide. I don't like Anatolia. You are better off traveling to Roncesvalles, Parkdale, etc. rather than staying west.

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        1. re: Food Tourist

          Though there is some decent hakka and korean in Mississauga if you go far west.

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            Tks for the Kumo recommendation ... ordered a bunch of different rolls on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised! rolls weren't stuffed with rice and rice itself was very good! plus, 'fusion' combinations were cool!

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              For an old school burger, etc. Apache Burger.

              Along that stretch of Dundas, there are a bunch of Korean restaurants.

              Po Boys (on Bloor, east of Islington) for Cajun

            2. I'm at Royal York and Bloor - here are a couple of the spots I enjoy in that neighbourhood:

              1. Apache Burger - I'm sure you're familiar with this burger joint right beside 6 Points Plaza.. my personal favourite burgers in Toronto, a neighbourhood institution. They do take out.

              2. Paul and Sandy's Real BBQ (Dundas and Islington): this southern BBQ place is absolutely fantastic - I almost always dine in but they do take out as well - they offer excellent southern BBQ at very reasonable prices. My gf is from Kansas City and she swears it's the best BBQ she's had in Canada. Our personal favourites are the pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken - the fries and coleslaw are great as well. The ribs aren't bad but I would stick to the other meats, but that's just my opinion - I've heard others rave about the ribs. If you do take out, make sure you get LOTS of the homemade BBQ sauce - it's pretty phenomenal as well.

              3. Lenny's (Dundas and Montgomery) - an Italian joint that has a great pick up special, before 6 pm on weekdays I believe, which offers a family lasagna, salad, and a stick of bread for approx $20. The rest of the food on their menu is pretty killer as well - my family particularly enjoys their pizza, though it can be a little pricey compared to some of the chains but definitely far superior in terms of taste/quality.

              4. Milano's Pizza (Bloor, west of Islington): great pizza, unique staff.

              5. Kingsway Fish and Chips (Bloor, between Montgomery and Royal York): fantastic fish and chips.

              I didn't hit much of the types of food on your list, but if you're looking for some generally great food, check these places out.