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Struggling in Etobicoke/SixPoints...Help- Takeout!!

Hey CHs,
We moved from central TO to the Dundas/Bloor area, and are really struggling to find good food. I've searched many a post on here, but really there isn't much chatter about this area. We've found Taste of Thailand which we quite enjoy, but I'm getting tired of our weekly Thai takeout. Really desperate for some sushi- but everything we've tried sucked (not a fan of Kumo, Sushi2go). Didn't enjoy The Queensway Rotisserie & Grill. Found good pizza at Dinos. We are okay if we have to drive to pick stuff up.

Can you CHs help? we really want to find: sushi, indian, hakka, korean and anything else that is tasty!!

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  1. Try Silk Road. It's terrible parking, but their lamb noodle soup is awesome.

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      Is there a particularly good day/time to go? The one time I tried I was turned away for not having a reservation. Then called to make a reservation and was asked what I wanted to order. Not having been there to see the menu yet, I didn't know what to say.

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        Are we talking about the same Silk Road? It's a tiny hole in the wall takeout joint with fluorescent lighting, no heat and maybe 6 tables?!

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          Sorry - missed this reply somehow. Yes, we are talking about the exact same one. Fully the definition of hole in the wall. And yes, they wouldn't let me in without a reservation or pre-ordering. I have to admit I was pretty shocked.

          This was a while back though, I haven't tried recently.

    2. Kebab 49 is good for Turkish. Paul and Sandy's for BBQ. Pho House for Vietnamese. Bom Appetite for Portuguese. Fat Bastard for burritos. Sorry don't know of good sushi, Indian, Hakka or Korean in area.

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        Kebab 49 has amazing authentic Turkish food - it looks like a typical doner place from the outside but is a sit-down restaurant (if you want) with friendly staff and tons of lovely menu items. Try the wood oven lamb/beef - it's actually a traditional stew cooked in a clay dish.

      2. Try Chodang Soon Tofu for cheap but tasty Korean spicy soups, etc. There are a few ethnic restos on the Lake Shore between Mimico and Long Branch but Silk Road is probably the best bet for authentic muslim-Chinese lamb skewers and noodles. For hakka, you have to go to the airport or Mississauga area. Kumo is the best sushi in that area unless you want to splurge on world-class Kaji. I've been dying to try Kebab 49. Dino's has passable turkish pide. I don't like Anatolia. You are better off traveling to Roncesvalles, Parkdale, etc. rather than staying west.

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          Though there is some decent hakka and korean in Mississauga if you go far west.

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            Tks for the Kumo recommendation ... ordered a bunch of different rolls on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised! rolls weren't stuffed with rice and rice itself was very good! plus, 'fusion' combinations were cool!

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              For an old school burger, etc. Apache Burger.

              Along that stretch of Dundas, there are a bunch of Korean restaurants.

              Po Boys (on Bloor, east of Islington) for Cajun

            2. I'm at Royal York and Bloor - here are a couple of the spots I enjoy in that neighbourhood:

              1. Apache Burger - I'm sure you're familiar with this burger joint right beside 6 Points Plaza.. my personal favourite burgers in Toronto, a neighbourhood institution. They do take out.

              2. Paul and Sandy's Real BBQ (Dundas and Islington): this southern BBQ place is absolutely fantastic - I almost always dine in but they do take out as well - they offer excellent southern BBQ at very reasonable prices. My gf is from Kansas City and she swears it's the best BBQ she's had in Canada. Our personal favourites are the pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken - the fries and coleslaw are great as well. The ribs aren't bad but I would stick to the other meats, but that's just my opinion - I've heard others rave about the ribs. If you do take out, make sure you get LOTS of the homemade BBQ sauce - it's pretty phenomenal as well.

              3. Lenny's (Dundas and Montgomery) - an Italian joint that has a great pick up special, before 6 pm on weekdays I believe, which offers a family lasagna, salad, and a stick of bread for approx $20. The rest of the food on their menu is pretty killer as well - my family particularly enjoys their pizza, though it can be a little pricey compared to some of the chains but definitely far superior in terms of taste/quality.

              4. Milano's Pizza (Bloor, west of Islington): great pizza, unique staff.

              5. Kingsway Fish and Chips (Bloor, between Montgomery and Royal York): fantastic fish and chips.

              I didn't hit much of the types of food on your list, but if you're looking for some generally great food, check these places out.

              1. We've just breathed a sigh of relief after reading your suggestions- will check them out and report back!! Thanks so much. Maybe we have to try Kumo again- seems to get a lot of hits.

                Thanks CHs!

                1. The above replies contain some great suggestions. I will add Chutneys for Indian. I only ate there once, years ago, and to be honest I don't remember much, but they do have a takeout special before 5:00. Ma Maison is a french bakery/cafe where you can get some nice quiche and salads to go. I have some other suggestions, but wondering how far you are willing to drive?

                  1. I don't get Apache burger at all...ick. But Paul and Sandy's is really great! Glad you found Dino's also. Welcome to our collective wasteland...

                    1. Out of all the many burger joints, I prefer Magoos the most. I'm definitely not a fan of Gourmet Burger Co. Royal Meats BBQ is passable. I haven't had a good experience at Paul and Sandy's - there's much better bbq downtown.

                      For Indian, I forgot to mention Maurya on Lakeshore in Mimico -- it's the roti place owned by Gandhi and Mother India. FBI pizza is decent but very expensive for what you get.

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                      1. re: Food Tourist

                        I also really enjoy both french bakeries: Ma Maison on Dundas and Patisserie Saint-Honore on Bloor east of Royal York. Very authentic.

                        Kothur indian is finally open on Lakeshore at Mimico. No clue if it's any good.

                        Avoid the pulled pork at Woody's and eat in if possible because the packaging causes steam to turn everything to mush.

                        1. re: Food Tourist

                          Kothur isn't a new restaurant; unfortunately, it's just Everest that moved across the street to a new location and then changed names. Had the paneer tandoori sizzler and chapati last night for takeout. They were anxious to please but it was mediocre. I specifically asked for "only paneer" (as it comes with mixed veggies like cauliflower and green pepper and onion otherwise) so they upcharged $1 which was fine....however, when I opened the container at home, the tandoori paneer contained two large wet chunks of cooked tomatoes, tons of onions, 2 chunks of cooked green pepper, etc. There were 6 large squares of paneer for $11.99 and they also somehow threw in an extra bread which looked like a naan. So for $15 including tax at Kothur, I would be better off buying a cheaper similar wrap at Maurya next door.

                      2. Fat Bastard Burrito at Kipling + Queensway have great Burritos.

                        I usually order my pizza from Milanos.

                        Not in the immediate area but still fairly close by are Woodys (burgers) and an empanada place next door at Browns Line and Lakeshore.

                        Royal Meats was mentioned but if you feel like having cevapi / Burek id pick Mrakovic deli over them. They are around Renforth and West Mall which is not too far away.

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                        1. re: squirms

                          http://www.mrakovic.com Can't wait to try it.

                          Stari Grad on Bloor west of Kipling also used to have some good hot dishes. Haven't been in years. Loved their caragiorgio (meat schnitzel tube). Bosna Burek and Chevaps at Dundas West at Runnymede used to also be very good for cevapi - also haven't been in years. Any current opinions?

                          Malta's Finest Pastries, Joe's Pastizzi Plus, and Malta Bakeshop are also worth checking out for takeout pastizzi.

                          1. re: Food Tourist

                            I have been in the area for nearly 3 years now, and - there aren't a lot of great options. Love Bua Thai down at R York and Queensway, always incredibly fresh/fast and tasty, definitely our go to cheap dinner night. Chutney's is pretty good, though a tad pricey for what it is, even with the pre-5pm order deal.

                            Otherwise, Gourmet Burger Co on Kipling is not bad, Kingsway Fish and Chips mentioned above is good. Lenny's is alright, as is La Veranda if you want to spend a bit more - they are very generous with their portions.

                            1. re: georgebell11

                              Mezza Lebanese Kitchen on Queensway just west of Royal York is really good.

                              1. re: Food Tourist

                                I've eaten at Mezza twice and the first time was good. Second time I ordered soup and taboule salad. They were both so salty that I could barely eat the soup and threw out the taboule after two bites. When I called to give them my opinion, the lady asked if I knew about lebanese cooking and that they use a lot of salt. I thought that was interesting and I have not been back since.

                                1. re: fryerlover

                                  That's terrible! I just had a shish tawook (chicken pita) last night and it was fine -- the pickled turnips are pretty salty, though. I've had their taboule in the past with success. (I hate oversalted food).

                                  1. re: Food Tourist

                                    Hmmm........maybe I'll give them another try. Thanks for your update.

                            2. re: squirms

                              avoid the empanada place at all costs...they're HORRIBLE. however, she does have a decent selection of latin american groceries...

                              this sounds odd- but if you're looking for delivary- the mandarin on Queensway is quick, the food is always fresh, and the portions are great.

                              1. re: jinxie

                                Really? I haven't been to Mandarin since I was a child, and always thought it was terrible food.... but maybe things have changed? I'll keep it in mind....

                                1. re: jinxie

                                  You're referring to the OTHER empanada place on the Queensway, right? The good empanada place is just off Lakeshore near Browns Line.

                                  1. re: Food Tourist

                                    The Empanada Company is still pretty good...but the braised beef short rib one isn't as good as it used to be. It's now a bit boring and dry and lacking the mirepoix and wine flavour.

                                    The chicken wing empanada is also a bit dull.

                                    The nutella banana toasted marshmallow one is great.

                                  2. re: jinxie

                                    Which empanada place are you referring to? There are a number of them in the area so just curious. Thanks

                                    1. re: fryerlover

                                      I'm referring to the one right on Queensway- between Grand and Royal York.

                                      I guess we have to try the good empanada place.

                                      1. re: jinxie

                                        Ahhh, okay. Squirms is referring to The Empanada Company on Lakeshore so wanted to be sure which place you meant. I've had empanadas from both places and I do like both. For me The Empanada Comany (Lakeshore) is more a modern fusion and Empanada Del Sur (Queenway) is more traditional, although noticed newer flavours on my last visit. I prefer the beef with onion, egg and olives. There are also Philippine Empanada's at Brown Sugar on Queensway, which is the only place I've tried the Philippine version. I enjoyed them, although don't know how they are supposed to taste traditionally.
                                        Jinxie, what flavour did you have and what was horrible about it?

                                        1. re: fryerlover

                                          we tried at least 4 different types...I agree the beef with the egg was the best of them...but the filling was just so bland...the whole thing actually. as was the ham and cheese, and the chicken. we ended up throwing out most of them after one or two bites.

                                          I'll definitely check out the one on lakeshore.

                                  3. re: squirms

                                    I really like the Burrito Boyz on Queensway. Halibut burrito and fillings are still top-notch.

                                  4. have been in the 'hood for almost eight years ... you've got some great recos ... i will add a few of my own:

                                    - burrito boys on queensway
                                    - ready-to-go take-out food from medium rare (they've also got some great frozen entrees...not to mention great meats if you feel like cooking)
                                    - green mango on bloor near royal york
                                    - astoria on dundas (technically in mississauga)
                                    - shawarma grill express on queensway
                                    - pie shack just off bloor near royal york - i haven't had any of their savoury pies but DH and i splurged on a strawberry cream pie and thought we died and went to pie heaven.

                                    my friend recommends samrat for indian food ... it's on my list to try.

                                    another friend recommends mitzi's on bloor.

                                    always looking for a new shawarma place...will check out kebab 49.

                                    also, i noticed a sign for la tortilleria on kipling (near norseman) ... so plan on checking that out soon.

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                                    1. re: lilaki

                                      got take out from la tortilleria tonight ... great stuff! i'd recommend calling ahead with your order.

                                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Incidently- we did try Chutneys (without even seeing the rec here) on Friday. Thought the food was quite delicious! Thats saying a lot considering it took 2 hours for delivery (chalking it up to the snow...), but they did call after it finally arrived to appologize again, and to ask how we enjoyed things. Thought it was pricey, but it was good.

                                      We tried Kebab 49 last night- it smelled AMAZING! Had an issue ordering delivery (they rejected the eat.ca order stating they were "too busy") so we picked it up. Some stuff was so flavourful (potato salad, falafel, eggplant salad), and some was flavourless, but still cooked well.. will try again for pizza and pide.

                                      we are always out and about, so willing to drive further to pick up something yummy, so don't let that stop you @ bunnylicious!

                                      Food Tourist- anywhere in particular for hakka in Mississauga?

                                      We've been die-hard fans of Medium Rare since we moved in, but haven't tried much of their ready-made stuff- will check that out next time we are in.

                                      Saw the sign for la tortilleria the other day too- anyone checked it out yet?

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                                        +1 for Chodang. Also try Momiji for sushi - great spider rolls, beef udon soup and unagi. I like the burgers at royal meat too, but a bit pricey. 5 guys recently opened near sherway if you like them (i do). We go for Milano or Dino's for pizza. I also like Barcelona for Spanish (try the beef w portabello sauce, shrimp aioli, sea bass w red pepper sauce, good wine list), also like 1800 degrees for fancy/steak in the hood (not cheap), Merlot has a few god choices as well. For Indian, we usually head to Mississauga. There are a few other options within 5-10 min esp junction, roncy.

                                        1. re: shariberri

                                          Med Rare's prepared stuff is great ... esp the pot pies. also, on saturdays (sometimes sundays), they often do a smoked brisket ... DH and i can easily demolish a pound of that within a few days! it's addictive stuff. the frozen pastas are amazing ... and if you need stuff catered, definitely talk to them too ... willing to make anything for your event.

                                          think i'm going to check out la tortilleria this weekend! will let you know.

                                          1. re: shariberri

                                            Hakka is plentiful near the airport and Mississauga though I haven't eaten at any in over 2 years so don't rely on me. However a quick search of other reviews shows Wang's Kitchen in Mississauga or Hakka Village Chinese in Brampton are well-liked.

                                            1. re: Food Tourist

                                              The Hakka my family likes is from airport rd and derry called China Garden- they have tried a lot and prefer this one best.

                                              I am a huge fan of Magoo's - since I grew up in Etobicoke and now live there again as an adult. Apache was reserved for late night take out after drinking.

                                              All my favourites have already been mentioned here. You have yourself well covered I think.

                                              1. re: Food Tourist

                                                Everest turned into a "Hakka" place - on Lakeshore in Mimico.

                                            2. I feel your pain, having myself moved out to the Kingsway area from a Queen West location ... here are some picks that work well:

                                              Curry Twist on Dundas around Pacific
                                              Queen Margherita Pizza has now opened at Jane/Annette (but I bet you found them already!)
                                              Momiji for Sushi - Bloor/Royal York

                                              1. How far west and south are you willing to go for takeout?

                                                Also, I haven't been in a few years, although The Queensway Rotisserie and Grill use to serve St. Hubert's chicken and sauce for those of you who used to love that place.

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                                                1. re: fryerlover

                                                  Hey Freylover- we ordered rotisserie from Q when we first moved in, and it was terrible.... oh well.

                                                  CocoTO- we DID see Queen Margherita- so exciting!! As for Momiji, we tried it in September, and a few pieces were so terrible, we didn't finish our meal.... maybe we should give them another chance....

                                                  Thanks for all the suggestions!!!

                                                2. For pizza, Il Paesano. Fast delivery (with no delivery charge) and delicious pizza. It's addictive. Pasta is good too. They've been in Etobicoke forever: http://bit.ly/Inq0Kj

                                                  For sushi, call in your order first (they don't do delivery yet) and drive over to Tokyo Sushi on the Queensway at Royal York. I am also not a fan of Sushi2Go, Tokyo rocks: http://bit.ly/QuLNo1

                                                  I also don't get the Apache obsession. Don't believe the hype. Thank goodness a 5 Guys opened on North Queen!

                                                  1. Whoa how did I forget about FBI Pizza? They do deliver but it takes awhile so I would drive over and pick it up. It's at 2336 Lake Shore Blvd West: http://bit.ly/Iftwu5

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                                                    1. re: rosieintoronto

                                                      Has anyone been to FBI recently? The last time I had it, about two weeks ago, noticed that the cheese was different - not as flavourful and really greasy.

                                                      Wondering if they are changing the ingredients now that they have built an audience...

                                                      1. re: panko

                                                        Dropped by FBI for a slice, and whaaa?, instead of slices they have small pies?

                                                        Purchased a Margherita and a 'spicy' ... wasn't really that impressed, didn't find it flavourful, more dry than anything else.

                                                        1. re: 5andman

                                                          had a delivery pie from FBI maybe 2-3 months ago and it was good, not good enough to draw me from my usual (bitondos or gigi)

                                                    2. Same situation over here. Went from living at Queen/Portland to Bloor/Islington and when it comes to food, we miss our old hood so much!

                                                      1. Sushi - I know it's not necessarily Japanese but the quality of sashimi at Spoon and Fork is pretty good. They do do takeout. Planning to try Kumo. We used to eat at Yuzu downtown once a week so not having good sushi accessible here has been really disappointing.

                                                      2. Pizza - Agree with Dino's. We like Milano's Too. Have tried Il Paesano and FBI but weren't really impressed. Looking forward to trying Queen Margherita at Bloor/Annette.

                                                      3. Indian - Maurya for sure! We lived right by Ghandi's so were super happy when it opened in Mimico.

                                                      4. Mid-East - Also kinda disappointed that there's not an awesome shawarma/falafel in the immediate neighbourhood. Falafel Royal on Lakeshore isn't bad. Shawarma Express is tolerable. Most of the time we head to Bloor West for Falafel World or Ali Baba.

                                                      5. Fish and Chips - John's Fish and Chips on Dundas @ Cordova is awesome. So much better than Kingsway.

                                                      6. Pubs - St. James Gate is for sure. Reminds us of the Foggy Dew. Orwells is fine for cheap wings.

                                                      7. Hakka - Thinking of trying Manchurian Madurai Dundas/427 or Everest on Lakeshore. Might be best to head up Islington and go somewhere in Rexdale.

                                                      8. Paul and Sandy's BBQ at Dundas/Cordova is pretty good. Take out portions are generous and priced well.

                                                      9. Bakeries - Ma Maison makes really nummy croissants. Not the same at Clafouti on Queen but a good substitute. Bake Sale is sub par. Sanremo is a meh.

                                                      10. Butchers - Medium Rare is okay. Village Butcher is nice but expensive. We still prefer to head out and go to Healthy Butcher/Rowe Farms/Whole Foods for our meat.

                                                      11. Thai - Have yet to find a Thai place that comes even close to any of the downtown options. We've tried Taste of Thailand, Mangosteens, Green Mango, and Bua Thai. Wouldn't really order from any of them again. Again, even though it's all you can eat, we tend to go to Spoon and Fork.

                                                      Other randoms... the Musket disappointing, Royal Meats gross we're not into the meat they use, La Tortilleria great for fresh tortillas and salsas (haven't tried the prepared food), Tom's Dairy Freeze awesome soft serve!, Woody's burgers not bad but slow in the summer, Dundas Street Grill for breakfast senior's joint lol, Mama Martino's gross, Astoria food just as good as on the Danforth but service sucks, the Grille ok when hungry at 2am. And for coffee, as lovers of Jimmy's coffee on Portland, the closest thing we can find is Fairgrounds on Lakeshore, bit of a trek for coffee but necessary on the weekend.

                                                      Sorry to ramble, but like I said, totally in the same predicament. Still trying to explore :)

                                                      1. La Tortilleria opened up a bit south of Bloor/Dundas on Kipling. Anybody try it yet?

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                                                        1. re: ascendance

                                                          No but they are supplying tortillas to Hex Mex (their big sign reads OM NOM NOM NOM - ridiculous but true) on Lake Shore near Islington. It's about 2 months old, family-run, with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chilli and cookies. Chilli is just okay - very mediocre with ground meat, kidney beans, some corn, and topped with a small amount of smoked cheddar (why?!)

                                                          1. re: ascendance

                                                            Yes! Tried it last week and this is now our new favourite take out place in Etobicoke! I had the los campechanos tacos that were very tasty and filling (steak and chorizo with onions and cilantro), hubby had a very generous and yummy looking chorizo burrito, but the best part were the home-made chips and the most delicious "green" salsa I've ever had! Parking is horrible, and the restaurant doesn't look very inviting from the road - (windows had closed blinds despite "open" sign) - we originally thought it was only an industrial / manufacturing place, and stopped to peek in out of curiosity to see if they had prepared food - so glad we did!

                                                            1. re: Madcar

                                                              agree with madcar ... definitely an ODD place but SO dang tasty. LOVE the quesadillas!

                                                          2. We are getting a Burgers Priest in September 2013 on Queensway near Islington!

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                                                            1. re: Food Tourist

                                                              Very excited! I've have not been to The Burger Priest as of yet. They will do exceptional well in this part of the city.

                                                              1. re: Food Tourist

                                                                Yikes. I can't imagine Apache will have same fan base after Burger Priest opens. They are world apart. I did not understand the line up at Apache.

                                                              2. Just goes to show I ought to check these boards out more often. Yes, it is a gastronomic wasteland out here with very few places truly worth it but there are still some gems to be found.

                                                                I see people have already mentioned Milano's for pizza, John & Sandy's for BBQ and John's for fish & chips.

                                                                For sushi, save your money because you're not going to find anything that's really remarkable out here unless you pay through the nose. Kaji is possibly the best you can find but unless you want to pay $100+ for the meal you're going to have to lower your standards. I lived in Tokyo for several years and it spoiled me for what good sushi really is.

                                                                Any of the other sushi joints you're going to see are okay, but nothing mind blowing.

                                                                For Indian, there's a couple places like Chutney's on Bloor. Or Maharani on Queensway & Kipling area right next to the adult video store.

                                                                Hakka? In one word no. You need to go either north or towards the airport for Hakka.

                                                                And for Korean there's that little strip along Dundas between Kipling and Burnhamthorpe / Cordoba. There are several Korean places around there with varying degrees of tastiness. Chodang Soontofu is one, and Taste of Korea a little further up the street. That's also where John's Fish & Chips and Frank & Sandy's BBQ are.

                                                                A little bit further up the street is Lenny's for pizza. If you continue up Dundas around the bend and over the bridge there's Magoo's for burgers.

                                                                Along Bloor, just east of Islington there are a couple places. While I haven't been there in years, La Petite France did some good continental type food. The owner was French and they made a good creme brule for dessert.

                                                                Merlot just past Royal York for French.
                                                                Patisserie Saint Honore opposite the LCBO for baguettes or croissants.

                                                                And that's all I can think about off the top of my head at the moment.

                                                                1. There are some excellent restaurants on Lake Shore Blvd. W
                                                                  Bombay on the lake, Everest, and Maruya for indian.
                                                                  And there is a Hakka restaurant and it's really good, I have friends who pick up from there often and we've tried it too.


                                                                  1. Best pizza place is Luca's - at Highpoint Mall, Dixie and Dundas, nothing beats it. You may have to pick up but maybe they delivered that far.

                                                                    Try Mama Martino's, I think it's on Lakeshore. Great Italian food. Come earlier to get a seat. Prices reasonable.

                                                                    Best burger place is D&B (Dubbs) Dundas just west of 427

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                                                                    1. re: robinmcc

                                                                      The burger joint you're referring to is C & Dubbs, I assume? If so, I would strenuously disagree that it's the best of anything. The fries are okay, but the burger is made with a particularly shoddy industrially produced frozen patty -- complete with the typically rubbery, hot-doggy texture and that unpleasantly salty "this is beef...?" flavour. Even by the standards of a frozen patty it's bad.

                                                                      1. re: robinmcc

                                                                        Would Mama Martino's qualify as "Italian" food? (It's on The Queensway east of Royal York, and doesn't get much love on this board.)

                                                                        1. re: Food Tourist

                                                                          LOL. You won't get any love for Mama Martino's from me.

                                                                          If I ever have to go there, I'll make sure to drop by the No Frills to grab a can of Heinz alphabets...