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Feb 8, 2013 10:10 AM

Gluten free challah in Brooklyn.

I know a person can get tons of challah in Brooklyn - how about a gluten free person? I would like to share the info with a firend of mine- thanks!

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  1. there's a store in boro park on 16th and 39 - the gluten free shoppe - and they get in three different gluten-free types of challahs every friday - the owner is super knowledgeable and very helpful - i think they have a website also. (i'm not the owner or related to the owner - actually, i've only been there once - but that once made me a believer in the store!)

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      Thank you so much! I will pass this info on to my frined:)

      1. re: ahuva

        I passed this information off to my buddy and he was very happy and pleased:) Plus he knows where it is- I had no clue, I don't know NYC at all- and can walk there:) WOO HOO! Thanks so much!

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          happy to pass on the info - i was really impressed by the store and its owner and i'm glad to offer up the info. and i promise, i'm not related to the store AT ALL. this is all legitimate praise!

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              Totally going to pass this info along to a friend! Thanks!

        2. There is a web site called They have gluten free challah, hamantashen, bagels, and other yummies. They note those that are kosher on the web site. Most of the breads and hamentashen I have tried are kosher.

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