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Feb 8, 2013 09:34 AM

Cafe Cranberry & Black Rabbit Cafe (Bloor West Village)

Things are slowly progressing in ma' 'hood -- two new additions to the Bloor West Village (finally).

Cafe Cranberry (corner of Bloor St. W & Windermere Ave., south of Bloor)
Black Rabbit Cafe (2312 Bloor Street West)

Planning on checking both out in the next couple of weeks, anyone partaken yet?

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  1. Are there any outstanding pubs in that area? Looking for a west end place that doesn't require reservations, but also serves amazing food, and less restaurant-y than Dr Generosity.

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    1. re: Food Tourist

      I hear the Henry VIII pub at Bloor and Jane is good. I haven't eaten at that location but at another one further west at Royal York. This second location is fairly small but the food is good (I've tried the curry).

      1. re: Lake

        I ate at the Henry a few years ago. Didn't realize there were 2 locations now. Which is the newer one -- the one further west? Thanks. Has anyone eaten at the Longest Yard?

        1. re: Food Tourist

          Heny VIII (between South Kingsway & Jane) is the newest.

      2. re: Food Tourist

        There's (from East to West) Yellow Griffin, Swan & Firkin, Shakeys, Dark Horse, Bryden's, and Henry VIII

        1. re: 5andman

          You're saying they all have terrific food? I doubt the Firkin would.

      3. I passed the Black Rabbit today - the sandwich board used the word "organic" quite liberally in describing breakfast items. Seems like a brunch-friendly place on a Saturday afternoon.

        The Good Fork brunch bistro looked good, as did Kennedy Public House.

        1. Was in Black Rabbit for a lunch meet today. The tomato/Chicken/ White Bean soup was wonderful. I would have eatten a mixing bowl worth if it was offered to me. The beet/ quinoa/ pear salad combo (super bowl I think?) was a terrific combo of flavour and texture. My entire meal was $9.63. Fresh as if it was grown out back. Service was prompt and food quickly brought to my table. Have book my next lunch already. When you find something you like...enjoy it :0)