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Feb 8, 2013 09:34 AM

More Restos Bit (or Biting) the Dust ?

Samosa Garden (on Kingsway) is now a Chinese restaurant.

Landmark Hotpot (on Cambie) has all their windows covered up. Another permanent "reno" ?

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  1. Samosa Garden occupied that spot for a couple of decades it seems. I haven't been there is at least ten years.

    Too bad about Landmark. They had a couple of really good dishes - including a great stirfried sticky rice. Perfect each time I have had it. Also had the best late night da lang food in town.

    1. Landmark is back on. Maybe I just saw what was a renovation that lasted a few days ?

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        Yes. I meant to mention that it is still in operation. They have blinds that kind of look like paper. Maybe that is what you saw.