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Feb 8, 2013 09:32 AM

recent Sf Chronicle article on East Bay restaurant?

I seem to remember a Chronicle article about a tiny town whose restaurant (in a hotel) has been redone and for the first time people are showing up int he town. Does this ring a bell with anyone. The name of the town? The restaurnt? We're trying to track it down.

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  1. Short term memory loss? Is it this one from 2 days ago?

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    1. re: wolfe

      But don't you like living in the Eat Bay?

    2. You mean yesterday? It was Port Costa. Don't remember name of restaurant/hotel. Try SFGate. It said the place had been bought by a bee-keeper who set up hives in the yard of a closed school. Sort of sums things up.

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        Thanks everybody. Yup[ know I remember the name of the town. Going to visit this weekend.

        1. re: Schwarcz

          Bauer's doing a review of the Bull Valley Roadhouse for the SF Chron, but it doesn't come out until this Sunday.

          It is inside the Hotel Burlingame, at the end of Main St.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Good thing I was curious enough to click on something titled Eat Bay Restaurant... I can't wait to check this place out! The last time I had some beers at Warehouse Cafe across the street it was hard to imagine a 'destination dining' type of place in Port Costa. From what I'm swing thorough, it does seem like the menu and pricing will keep this at an occasion/special event place to dine, I'm certainly curious enough to check it out soon. And hey, my birthday is next weekend!

          1. re: noodlelife

            Nice. I've stayed in the burlington hotel before, played a NYE gig in the Warehouse, and had dinner there a couple of times. (Menu: Steak, Lobster, and SteakAndLobster). It's a cute little down but make sure you've got a designated driver.