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Feb 8, 2013 09:05 AM

Dinner during Sobe W&F Fest

Hey all - old Miami board poster here who moved to Orlando 3 years ago. Coming down for the Wine & Food fest at end of February, and I'm looking for the new "foodie" must-do's for dinner on Friday. We're at the Ming Tsai oyster event from 5 - 7 and figure we'll still be plenty hungry. We're booked at Bazaar on Saturday and on Friday we're considering The Dutch, Yardbird (if we can get in) and Pubbelly. Anything we're missing. Want it to be in the SoBe area as we want to walk or cab it. Bummed we can't get to the Design District or downtown but don't want to drive under the influence or pay through the nose for a taxi

Appreciate any help!

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  1. I am just going to list stuff for you to consider -- newer stuff that opened since you particular order.
    PB Steak
    Florida Cookery
    Khong River House
    Milos (expensive)

    you can't go wrong with your choices but in my opinion Yardbird is the weakest of the bunch (including my list).

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Oh my god the small plates at PB Steak look amazing - are they why it's recommended or is it the steak itself? - not looking for a big hunk of meat that night. I think I'm torn between The Dutch and PB Steak. Florida Cookery's menu looks interesting but a little limited online -- do they feature a lot of daily specials?

      1. re: YosemiteSam

        The answer to the PB Steak question is both, and don't forget dessert.

        Florida Cookery as CF said below is the new fancier red light. There are a number of killer dishes on that menu which make it superior to Yardbird.

        1. re: tpigeon

          Are the better dishes offered on the lunch or dinner menu? Sounds like the shrimp (that's on both) is a must-have. Any other suggestions?

          1. re: Miss Needle

            I greatly enjoyed the 4 dishes I had recently at FC, described here w photos:


            Old Recipe (1948) Florida Cookery Conch Chowder
            Conch Fritters
            Kris’s Biscayne Blvd Shrimp (the famous "bbq shrimp"
            )Sticky Guanabana Glazed Ribs w Green Papaya Slaw

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Ribs & Conch - Second CF's rec
              Duck Egg & Cheese
              Latina Salad
              I hear the quail is great too but never tried it...

              Bread Pudding -- best dessert
              Pinapple Cake -- very good

              1. re: tpigeon

                Thanks to CFByrne and tpigeon for your picks. As almost everything listed was available on the lunch menu, I was leaning towards lunch, trying to save dinner for another place (I only have 3 lunches and 2 dinners during this trip). Then I looked up the latina salad. Oh my! Squab and foie gras together -- one of my favorite combos! That just pushed me over to dinner.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  I don't see bread pudding on the menu. Were you referring to the banana pudding?

                  1. re: tpigeon

                    I forgot to mention the empanadas.

          2. Great call on The Bazaar and The Dutch. I'm not a big Yardbird fan (menu doesn't do much for me) and Pubbelly hits some notes but is on the heavy side. Both are popular with the masses though...

            If you never made it over to Red Light I would do Florida Cookery (don't skip the BBQ Shrimp)

            I've had a couple of good meals at Khong and it is a lively spot.
            If you like Italian food Maccialina is a good call.

            Lunch- Milos has a great deal and is very good.

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            1. re: The Chowfather

              I do remember Red Light fondly - might give Florida Cookery a go. Though it's hard to differentiate my food memories of Red Light from the wonderfully ridiculous location

            2. Thanks to TPigeon and Chowfather - it's funny it's the same group as 3 years ago - you guys are dedicated for sure - only reply missing was Frod :)

              We're set for The Oyster Bash and PB Steak on Friday and the Grand Tasting Village on the beach and Bazaar for Saturday (do they have the re-imagined version of a philly cheesesteak there like in their LA place? One of my fav dishes anywhere ever). No Burger Bash this year - just too darn expensive for what it is to do more than every other year.

              One more question - any places in SoBe serving craft cocktails in a more serene, hip vibe? Not looking for bottle service / velvet rope places, but something like a PDT or Death and Co. in New York

              On the way back Sunday gonna bathe ourselves in garlic butter sauce eating golden crabs at Rustic Inn.

              Thanks for all the help!

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                1. re: YosemiteSam

                  They do not have the Philly but they have a similar take on a Cuban Sandwich. The tasting menu is the way to go.

                  I second Broken Shaker and would also recommend the downstairs bar at the Regent Cocktail Club located at the new Gale Hotel on 17th and Collins across from the Delano. Regent is located downstairs.


                  1. re: YosemiteSam

                    Have only not chimed in b/c the advice you've already gotten is sound. Especially if you fondly recall Red Light, Florida Cookery is a good call. Ditto booking Bazaar. Ditto the Broken Shaker recommendation.

                    I've not been, but also might want to look into the new Doré in the Ritz Carlton SoBe. I used to love that bar when it was Bouley Evolution, was really ahead of the curve for Miami with the whole craft cocktail thing. (No clue what they're doing now though).

                    1. re: YosemiteSam

                      The Regent at the Gale hotel (caddy corner from SLS where The Bazaar is) puts out some nice cocktails as does The Dutch and Living Room bar @ the W hotel. Since youre doing Bazaar I highly recommend the Jose's Gin & Tonic. Pairs fantastically with everything on the menu.

                    2. I just wanted to follow up with a thank you for the recommendations. PB Steak was a great meal (we sampled 6 or 7 items from the small plates menu), but I wanted to add ANOTHER rave for Bazaar.

                      I've eaten at the LA one and frankly I thought this one was better. I guess I'm in good company because sharing the small dining room with us on Saturday were Daniel Boulud, Paul Bartolotta and Roco DiSpirito as well as other famous chefs I recognized but couldn't place names to faces. Jose Andres was working the room as well while also managing the kitchen. Now, with all that I worried as average folks we'd get less attention but the service was great once we were seated and we had what I would call the 2nd best meal of my life (only topped by the tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park in NYC)

                      I won't go into details on the food as you all have covered it fine, other than to add a real shout out for the Rosejatt - would never have ordered it from the menu description but it was one of my favorite dishes ever - it's that good despite being so simple. I do have one complaint that is more a consistent critique of Miami and of course caused by eating there on a Saturday during a busy event weekend, but when I have a 9:30 reservation I don't really like being seated at 11 PM - a little wait is fine but that's too much - and the bar had nice drinks but was full of the type of SoBe folks I would never connect with a place like Bazaar.

                      Finally, we hit a new event this year I highly recommend which was the Oyster Bash at the Hotel Victor - $90 a person for unlimited shucked to order east coast cold water oysters and endless glasses on Prosecco and vodka - it was not too crowded so you never had to wait long for fresh oysters - my wife and I ate over two dozen each - I'm sure next year they'll double the price but it was a great deal and a great experience and the oysters were super fresh and awesome.

                      Thanks again for the recommendations.