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Feb 8, 2013 09:05 AM

Cafe Campagne in my future-how to get the best experience?

We are staying at Inn at the Market on the 14th and dining at CC-call it a curse or a blessing, but I have several yrs waiting tables. Need suggestions as to obtaining a well-placed table, a waitperson who knows the menu, and in general how I can create a great experience. I need help and advice please, and am hope that none of this comes across w/arrogance. Thanking you in advance....

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  1. cafe campagne is a small place without 'good' or 'bad' tables (other than the outdoor ones in a dank alleyfacing a wall but these aren't open yet) - the menu is fairly uncompicated but you can always ask the person seating you to deliver you to the best server on duty. unrequested advise would be go around the corner to the vastly superior le pichet

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        I think Cafe Campagne is pleasant enough spot for a lunch or weekend breakfast, but I concur with howard 1st that Le Pichet is the superior choice.

        In the market I will also give a nod toward the sometimes overlooked Place Pigalle, and if this is a Valentine's Day evening, consider stopping for a drink in the very cozy bar at Il Bistro.