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Blizzard cooking at home - what's on your menu? [moved from Boston]

A storm like this one is supposed to be makes me want to make comfort food. Mac and cheese. Hot cocoa. And maybe bake something that is bad for you but hey, shoveling burns up calories. This morning the last thing I added to my already well-stocked fridge was some half-and-half to help keep me caffeinated over a couple of days with the possibility of no stores open.

What will you be cooking this evening and tomorrow?

Did you make a special shopping trip to be sure this storm would be chow-worthy?

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  1. Fun thread....!

    Chocolate chips (cookies.....?)
    Iggy's cranberry/pecan bread
    Split Peas (oh yes, soup!!)
    assorted fruits/veggies

      1. Currently have homemade sauce simmering on the stove.
        Tomorrow's agenda is Panko Parmesan chicken for dinner..turkey vegetable soup for lunch and a hot breakfast of bacon , eggs and homefries.
        Homemade hot cocoa is definitely on the list for tonight and tomorrow.
        I haven't gotten as far as Sunday yet..but I have a pork roast in the freezer..so that might come out..maybe some cornbread stuffing and hunter sauce.

        1. Homemade Pizzas! We like to do individual pizzas, so all are happy. I picked up some sausage, mushrooms, arugula, olives, peppers and salami this morning, and now we are hunkered down and ready to nosh.

          I like Trufflehound's idea of posole. Maybe I'll go see if we have any hominy around, so that I can get it soaking to cook this weekend...

          1. chicken pot pie soup with biscuits
            chili with cheddar cornbread
            and some wine and whiskey :)

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              made blueberry scones with my grandson this morning, and have a pot of black bean soup simmering as we speak. there is something so weirdly comforting about being inside a well-stocked house with a storm outside and soup on the stove.

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                It's days like these that make me feel very fortunate - for the heat I can pay for, the roof over my head, for the abundance in the cabinet, and for my family. Comforting indeed.

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                  I also made chili last night! And a grapefruit pound cake. Haven't quite decided what to do today.

                2. emptying the freezer....

                  Sunday Gravy and Soups

                  1. I have a rack of baby back ribs set to go in the oven for a few hours, along with a crock of homemade baked beans and some siracha cole slaw. For dessert, a lovely chocolate gingerbread loaf with vanilla ice cream

                    1. Well, it was pretty obvious to the check out person at Trader Joe's, I had an abundance of "snack" items. But I am planning on defrosting a big container of turkey soup that has been taking up too much room in the freezer, and adding a ton of egg noodles. Might make some scones (which will take over some of that vacated freezer space). We will only be house-bound for one day, so not too bad.

                      1. Tomorrow things when are closed, I'm making Michael Symon's ham, cauliflower, mac and cheese for dinner. I decided to make this Wednesday and made a trip to Trader Joe's, express line only, and got the cheese, milk etc. I did not make a special trip yesterday or today to any food store and I'm glad I didn't. Husband came home yesterday with tales of fist fights in the parking lot at DeMoulas in Somerville! We have a well stocked pantry plus lots of stuff in the freezer for meals and nibbles and the wine "cellar" is in good shape. Our local diner closed early today but I was able to have a late breakfast there, it was busy but not nuts, and tonight it appears the pub is open for beer and burgers. Hope nobody loses power or heat!


                        1. Made beef stew with carrots celery root and potatoes on Wednesday. Has been resting in the fridge since then and will be yummy in my belly tonight with some red wine!

                          1. Big pot of pinto beans and a pan of cornbread tonight, some green chile chicken stew Sunday (after the 50-cents-each Haas avocados I bought at Russo's yesterday have fully ripened), maybe some spaghetti tomorrow night.

                            And tomorrow morning, in honor of The French Toast Alert System: french toast!

                            1. Our town has a curfew beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. My husband just flew out the door to buy... you guessed it... Bread!

                              For dinner tonight I'm making a recipe from last month's COTM: conchiglie (shell macaroni) with yoghurt, chilli and peas. From what I understand it's so not what the doctor ordered. I just have to decide on a side dish or salad.

                              Saturday is our shopping day but we decided to shop our pantry and freezer instead. I really don't think we'll starve.

                              Sunday is the Lunar New Year and I'm prepared to cook a Chinese meal including Szechuan roasted chicken, stir-fried shrimp and scallions, stir-fried greens, jasmine rice. Gung Hay Fat Choy everyone!

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                                He's back... "all I could get was a baguette." I'm really laughing at this because we have more than we'll ever consume in 2 or 3 days...

                              2. Shopped early yesterday morning and it was mobbed. Made sure I picked up some wine and munches. Love to have a glass of wine and watch the snow but it's even better with some good old fashion clam dip. That's in the fridge for later. This morning I made some sweet potato and apple pancakes from the Chew cookbook and topped them with fried eggs. They were delicious and came out just like the picture in the book. Now I have the rest of the day to think about what to cook tomorrow. So be safe all and happy shoveling!!

                                1. Making split pea soup with Hungarian smoked sausage from "the Russian store", and also stuffed cabbage for the first time. Any hints on the cabbage?

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                                    Yes remember to put cabbage in boiling water cover the pot. Let stand about 15 minutes in the pot. Remove the cabbage carefully. Then you can separate the leaves. Also, remember to remove the core and membrane of the cabbage..

                                  2. Hit Whole Foods Fresh Pond on the way home from work last night, crowded, but none of the lines that seemed to be in all the grocery stores in the 'burbs. Made the N.Y. Times Chocolate chip cookie dough recipe last night, so it would be ready for today - just baked a batch. Put a picnic shoulder in the crock pot this a.m. for pulled pork sandwiches tonight with homemade kale-coleslaw. Tomorrow - grilled cheese and tomato/roasted pepper soup for lunch (I love grilled cheese after playing in the snow) and pasta with porcini meatballs and salad for dinner.




                                    1. I made a nice pot of a sort of Goulash ( cut apart a whole tenderloin for that) and we just ate a lot of it with Thüringer ( German) Potato dumplings. Leftovers tomorrow. For us this is true comfort food!

                                      1. I just might make some Boston baked beans, for lunch tomorrow. Montreal is also having a blizzard so something hearty after my morning shovel will be good.

                                        1. Had a playdate scheduled for this morning and went with a lunar new year theme: veggie pancake (pajeon) and soup with beef and somen noodles. My kids ate it but the visiting kids only wanted bread with butter...and now I'm out of bread. lol!

                                          I did all my shopping earlier in the week. I always have too much food on hand as it is, it's probably a good thing for me to have to stay away from the stores for a day or two.

                                          1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

                                            1. We are having snow here in the west, too. We picked up stuff for dinner tonight, chili dogs, and a nice looking "tender chuck roast" to cook tomorrow, some potatoes, milk, eggs, bread for French toast, breakfast sausage (for later in the week), ice cream, jalapenos (for the chili dogs), cheese, paper towels, and were out of storage bags. I also picked up a can of ground espresso coffee (I dug out my la pavoni, thought it might be broken, but I think it works, so will try in the morning).
                                              We are used to the snow, and don't have many of the same issues with storms, fewer trees, fewer power lines, etc.

                                              1. Tonight I made "egg sandwiches". Basically scrambled eggs on sandwich bread with ketchup. I guess that was my comfort craving.
                                                Tomorrow and Sunday, some poutine...and I took out some deer steaks out of the freezer. Will have them with sauteed spinach and not sure what grain yet.

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                                                  We were gonna make veggie chicken pot pies with biscuits but got lazy and had nice comfy chickenless pattys in gravy with mashed , peas and sweet potatoes. Had pea soup yesterday.. Eating up our fruit and zucchini bread from Wilson farms, and anniversary white cake with Brighams vanilla, and mini m&ms. While shopping yesterday, was trying to figure out what kind of starch side dish you could make if we ended up with no electricity..and only canned starch i could come up with was Spaghettios so that was our most guilty pleasure purchase..

                                                2. Baked a loaf of bread after low-temp oven brisket finished up, now that's resting for tomorrow's post-shoveling reward. Can't decide whether we will eat it Texas bbq style or serve with some roasted potatoes and carrots. We have avoided the grocery stores so far.....

                                                  1. Braised breast of veal, kabocha squash.

                                                    1. Husband made a Thurs visit to the convenience store to get gas and milk. Last night had leftover baked chicken with a vegetable hash. Had 1/2 red pepper and bacon to use up and figured it was something I could easily cook on the wood stove if we lost power. Had made blueberry muffins and a "chain restaurant" whole wheat roll recipe on Thurs.

                                                      I think today's lunch for me will be the leftover hash topped with an egg. If we still have power for dinner I was thinking a Chinese sweet potato/shrimp patty recipe and spinach stir fried with garlic. There's just the two of us. The teenage vaccum cleaner grew up and has his own family now.

                                                      1. Friday morning the stores were crowded but not too crazy....what was to see gas lines ala "Sandy"
                                                        Ribs marinating in the fridge...will be put into an oven @ 225 degrees for about 4 to 5 hours, then slathered with a wet sauce..
                                                        Sides will be oven roasted sweet potato fries, and some slaw with walnuts and dried cranberries, with the heat raised up a little with some cayene.....
                                                        Thankful for my warm kitchen; baby it's cold out there!

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                                                          Well thank goodness we kept our electricity so didnt have to resort to the Spagettios... We stuck to homemade guilty pleasures with some pre-made items for the lazy and cozy..

                                                          Sauteed lots of onions with crumbled up veggie burger (Morningstar Grillers) and made a stromboli, or meat pie or giant knish, whatever you want to call it.. Used some Pillsbury Flaky Grands Biscuits flattened on a pan with a layer of leftover mashed potatoes and a layer of the meat and onions and folded it over and baked it and had with delicious zucchini that tasted like summer. And more cake, this time with Nutella..