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Feb 8, 2013 09:01 AM

Blizzard cooking at home - what's on your menu? [moved from Boston]

A storm like this one is supposed to be makes me want to make comfort food. Mac and cheese. Hot cocoa. And maybe bake something that is bad for you but hey, shoveling burns up calories. This morning the last thing I added to my already well-stocked fridge was some half-and-half to help keep me caffeinated over a couple of days with the possibility of no stores open.

What will you be cooking this evening and tomorrow?

Did you make a special shopping trip to be sure this storm would be chow-worthy?

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  1. Fun thread....!

    Chocolate chips (cookies.....?)
    Iggy's cranberry/pecan bread
    Split Peas (oh yes, soup!!)
    assorted fruits/veggies

      1. Currently have homemade sauce simmering on the stove.
        Tomorrow's agenda is Panko Parmesan chicken for dinner..turkey vegetable soup for lunch and a hot breakfast of bacon , eggs and homefries.
        Homemade hot cocoa is definitely on the list for tonight and tomorrow.
        I haven't gotten as far as Sunday yet..but I have a pork roast in the that might come out..maybe some cornbread stuffing and hunter sauce.

        1. Homemade Pizzas! We like to do individual pizzas, so all are happy. I picked up some sausage, mushrooms, arugula, olives, peppers and salami this morning, and now we are hunkered down and ready to nosh.

          I like Trufflehound's idea of posole. Maybe I'll go see if we have any hominy around, so that I can get it soaking to cook this weekend...

          1. chicken pot pie soup with biscuits
            chili with cheddar cornbread
            and some wine and whiskey :)

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              made blueberry scones with my grandson this morning, and have a pot of black bean soup simmering as we speak. there is something so weirdly comforting about being inside a well-stocked house with a storm outside and soup on the stove.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                It's days like these that make me feel very fortunate - for the heat I can pay for, the roof over my head, for the abundance in the cabinet, and for my family. Comforting indeed.

                1. re: cookfood

                  I also made chili last night! And a grapefruit pound cake. Haven't quite decided what to do today.