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Feb 8, 2013 08:37 AM

Modica or Ragusa - Help me choose a lunch

Hey hounds,

We are going to be staying in Siracusa for a few days and want to do a day trip to either Ragusa or Modica (we are also going to Noto on another day). Clearly both are beautiful, but I can't decide which one I think will have better food. We'll be there for lunch only.

I'm choosing among these restaurants:
Duomo (Ragusa)
Locanda Don Serafino (Ragusa)
La Gazza Ladra (Modica)
Fattoria delle Torri (Modica)
Locanda del Colonnello (Modica)
Taverna Nicastro (Modica)

I know lots of people have loved Duomo, but I tend to favor the more homey trattoria style places in Italy, either Slow Food places, or restaurants a bit more casual than Duomo, who are doing the classics in an upnotched way (like AcquaPazza in Cetara or La Sieia in San Cassiano). 20 plates of perfect tiny food - I can do that in New York. But that said, if it's truly amazing, I wouldn't want to miss it. And at lunch it might be less formal?

Does anyone have any thoughts on the other restaurants listed above or others in Modica and Ragusa? If you only had one meal to spend in the area...

Thanks guys!

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  1. sounds wonderfu! - did you read the stuff on Arthur Schwartz's website? I don't know how often he updates, but hes usually reliable on So Italy.

    1. If you like homey tratttorie, Fattoria delle Torri in Modica doesn't fit that description. It's not 20 little plates of food, but it is "creative," and I don't think I'd pick it for a lunch spot. It's more a romantic fancy dinner spot in terms of decor. Sorry I can't help you with alternate suggestions.

      1. Thanks Jen, yes I did have a look through his stuff. I don't get the impression that he actually liked the food at the places he wrote about in Modica (save the pastry place). Osteria dei Sapori Perduti sounded right up my alley from the name, but I keep seeing negative reviews about it.

        And barberinibee - thanks for the details about Fattoria delle Torri. I'll stay away from that one.