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Feb 8, 2013 08:31 AM

Nashville in March

I will be in Nashville for work during the SEC (lucky me), but I will have some time to myself. I've never been to Nashville before so locations are hard for me to determine. I've been booked into a hotel near Vanderbilt and I don't think I'll have a car, although I might change my mind about that. I'm told that the hotel has a shuttle to Downtown but I will have to verify that.

Given my limitations, are there any places I shouldn't miss? I'm from NC so Southern food is not alien to me, but we have a case of the disappearing meat and 3's. Anything from home cooking to fine dining is acceptable. And is there a good hot chicken place anywhere I can get to without great time and expense?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. you've got quite a few options around vandy.

    Hattie B's for hot chicken
    Tavern for brunch
    Patterson House for cocktails
    Brewhouse dive bar, great beer selection, be sure to try a Bushwacker
    Catbird Seat for high end, you'll need a reservation

    Downtown/The Gulch:
    Etch for fine dining
    Arnold's for meat & three, not to be missed
    Pourhouse for burgers and a massive bourbon selection
    Yazoo Brewery: great local beer
    Crema for a great cup of coffee

    City House, not to be missed
    Rolf & Daughters

    East Nashville:
    Holland House for cocktails
    Margot for more casual fine dining
    Marche for brunch
    Lockland Table

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    1. re: pete k

      Thanks! Sounds like I've got more options than I realized. Arnold's was high on my list and some friends are insisting I must get to Prince's, cab fare be damned. I've been wondering about the Catbird Seat and Marche, too.

      1. re: rockycat

        Prince's is the original and perhaps the best, but imho it's just now worth the drive or wait, and it's exactly in the best part of the city.

        maybe if you have a rental and you're the first person there when they open.

        You'll need reservations a month in advance for the catbird. they're probably the hardest spot to get a seat in.

        rolf & daughters is getting a lot of great reviews. lots of praise from sean brock about their pasta dishes. they're definitely super casual and much easier to get a reservation at.

    2. I really like Silly Goose, Flyte and Kayne Prime.

      1. Given your location I would definitely give an additional vote to Hattie B's and Patterson House. Catbird Seat is basically the best Nashville has to offer in the way of high-end cuisine, but you will have a very difficult time getting in at this point. Corner Pub Midtown is a good place to grab some pints and watch games. It's a bit of a Kentucky fan hangout.