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Feb 8, 2013 08:24 AM

Corton Questions

Good morning.

I am coming to visit NYC in a few weeks. My sister made reservations for Corton. I'm wanting to get feedback on the dress code. Web searches reveal the somewhat nebulous "smart casual." Wanted to know if I should pack my jacket or not.

Also, what is the difference in the food served between the two menu options? Do they both provide the same level of satiety?

Thanks in advance. I am very much looking forward to my dinner there.

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  1. Have you done a search on this very board?

    Here is a very nice, detailed recent review that may help you with some concerns:

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Thanks for the link. I did read that review prior to posting. It's a really fantastic review, but it didn't address my questions specifically.

    2. There's no dress code at Corton. You will see a mixed crowd , from suit and tie to casual. Tee shirt and jeans obviously wouldn't work here. But a sweater and khakis, not a problem.
      I personally do not enjoy the food at Corton, but the dishes look really nice and are creative.

      1. The 2 menus do not have overlap. I choose whichever menu appeals to me more. Dress is "smart casual"; you won't need a jacket. I've dined 3 times (twice with the longer menu), and have loved all 3 dinners. I was equally full with the shorter menu.

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            HI ellenost! Went to Vegas last June and took your advice on e by Jose Andres and Joel Robuchon; although, we also ate at Guy Savoy, Aburiya Raku, and Twist, I felt e and JB were just a notch above the other 3.

            I am planning a solo trip to NY in mid-May for about a week, and I would really appreciate 3 recommendations. I will also be dining solo and my budget is around $200 tops for a meal. I also plan to stay by Greenwich Village.


            ps. there was no way of sending private messages in Chow, if you would like to respond by email

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              I'm glad you had a great time in LV; I'm returning to LV in 5 weeks. I'll send you an email.