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Feb 8, 2013 07:13 AM

Best Chinese Restaurants in DC? Any Serve Good Dim Sum?

Will be heading there at the end of February, and I want to continue my trend of trying out Chinese food in every city I visit that's outside the LA/OC area. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. No.

    You'll have an easier time finding a unicorn burger.

    1. There's a couple of "ok" places in DC's Chinatown, but all of the places that are good are in the burbs. If you're willing to head out to the MD suburbs, say the word, and we can point you to some winners.

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      1. re: DanielK

        There are several excellent restaurants outside of DC, as Daniel said. Grace Garden and Hunan Taste are the standouts, but "Hong Kong Palace", Sichuan Jin River, Joe's Noodle House, A&J, and a fair number of others are worth checking out.

      2. Cantonese: no. There is, however, delicious Szechuan at Sichuan Pavilion on K st. if spicy is ok. Stick to the authentic entrees and take their recommendations. Definitely don't miss the chicken with hot dry peppers. Service is.. brusque, but you're not there for the chit chat!

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        1. re: SaraAuDust

          I can 2nd Sichuan Pavilion. the proper sit-down is upstairs on K Street NW near 17th, definitely order the non-roundeye and often untranslated items. although their hot and sour soup surpasses what usually just passes elsewhere. but if you're in a hurry, in the food court downstairs (International Square bldg. - same structure, different entrance) they have a fast food version. not your average steam table fare.

          but regarding good dim sum in the District proper? as ipse said: No. sorry.

          1. re: hill food

            Sichuan Pavilion is pretty good, esp. if you order off the menu.

            I will say, however, that one time when I was there and ordered the dan dan mien, it was cold, and so they reheated it ... most likely in the microwave. Gah!

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Dan Dan noodles are normally served cold, as in room temperature. Do you mean 'ice-box' cold?

              1. re: Steve

                The dan dan mien at Sichuan Pavilion are not your typical ones that come dressed in a "dry" sauce.

                They come in a soup broth, which many times you see in Sichuan street vendors.

                Regardless of whether dry or "soupy" dan dan mien should be served a bit warmer than room temp (like lukewarm), and these were many F degrees short of room temp.

            2. re: hill food

              Was just there last Friday and it was full of groups of Japanese and Chinese diners. We enjoyed the steamed whole fish (simply prepared in soy sauce, ginger, and garlic) and the jellyfish appetizer. Everyone around us was ordering the chicken with hot peppers, looks pretty amazing.
              Definitely expensive for Chinese (ie $16 or $17 per dish for things like cumin lamb), but I guess it is on K Street.

            3. re: SaraAuDust

              I stand corrected on this place!

              I ordered there a couple of times a few years ago, and was not impressed. I had the feeling I was missing something, and I sure was. Disregard the takeout menu, and sit down and order off the real one. I never remember seeing an authentic section, but there it was. Thought I was in the suburbs. This is going to be fun working through it. The Dan Dan Mein I had today was excellent.