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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport

Greetings from Toronto!

I'm going to be stopping over in YUL for a couple hours next week, right around dinner time, and was wondering how the food selection is in the airport.

I'll be flying from Toronto to Washington D.C., so I assume I will have access to both the Transborder areas and Domestic areas, as well as the public area.


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  1. (disclaimer, I don't really eat at airports, only nibles )

    I've been to "Cabine M" (international section) twice, and gotten crappier in time (ordinary food served by ordinary people).

    In the US section, there's "Lester's Deli Express" for your smoked meat fix.

    There's a "Wienstein & Gavino" that should have potable food.

    Other than that, really ordinary food.

    1. After you clear US customs & immigration and enter the secure area, the options are few and very expensive.

      In the public area, there's a St. Hubert BBQ. This might actually be one of the better options in the whole damn airport, which should tell you something, i.e., pack a sandwich before leaving home.

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        Ditto the public area. There are decent options there. Boulangerie de Montréal in the departures area makes fantastic gourmet sandwiches and salads.

        Here is the list of restaurants at the airport and their area:

      2. "Moe's deli and bar" is in the domestic terminal. It once was one of the first family friend "resto-bar" concepts in montreal. I haven't tried the airport version but I am sure it is decent enough. The same terminal houses a "Java-U" which is an upscale montreal coffee chain with decent sandwiches and wraps. There are a few chains in the international terminal like Houstons (southern but not really) and Weinstein and Gavinos (italian but not really). As you might imagine, they're both over priced and mediocre.

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          According to EaterBob's link there's no Java U in the transborder area, so this is moot for the OP, but I'd call the place upscale the way Starbucks is upscale: a notch or two above Tim Horton's or Subway, but hardly fancy.

          Regarding the airport locations, I don't know about the one in the domestic departures area, but the one in the international area is a tiny kiosk that suffers long lines and/or slim pickings, especially in the evening. I'd keep it as a last-resort option, but never plan on eating there.

          1. re: Mr F

            he's arriving at the domestic terminal

            aside from the fact that upscale is a relative term, i find it ironic that the nitpickers here can't pick apart nuances. java u and starbucks are dissimilar. Java-U in many respects is a fast-casual restaurant. When paired with its core coffee business, it is completely legitimate to call it an upscale coffee shop.

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              I stand corrected, the OP would be able to go there before going to US customs etc.

              Did I say Java U was interchangeable with Starbucks? No, I said they were about the same degree of "upscale", and that remains my opinion, especially when we're talking about the little kiosk in the international area. Nothing upscale about it, except the prices.

        2. Here is the complete list of restaurants

          And I would agree with everyone so far as to it all being mediocre and overpriced. Just from scanning things, I would suggest trying the restaurant in the Airport Marriott Hotel.

          1. PET airport is a third rate airport with commensurate food facilities.

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            1. The best choice is the Marroitt attached to the Airport.Everything else is Mall food.

              1. Having spent far too much time in airports lately, IMHO the best option at YUL is the MB&Co in the public area. The kiosks in the US departures area (Lester's, Weinstein & Gavino's, etc.) close very very early - when I was there last week at 6:30 pm, they were locking up, so don't count on them for dinner. The Montana's in the US departures area has edible burgers, if you desperately want a burger.
                And for those who think YUL has third-rate food, have you been to Pearson lately? It makes YUL look like a gourmet paradise...

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                  At least when leaving from YUL, we can enjoy our own food in the food court area and nobody bothers us about it. I buy a coffee from Brûlerie St-Denis and sit there for as long as I want with a good sandwich and salad I've packed myself. Pearson has nowhere to eat one's own food.

                  I find YUL far less crappy since the recent renovations.

                2. Tatami sushi offers decent sushi for this type of operations, especially at peak times since they are fresh

                  The bagel bar is also good, fresh daily st-viateur bagels either plain with cream cheese, or in sandwiches. - Both located on the transborder side

                  As for how the airport ranks in term of food offerings, it is much better than many us airports (even bigger ones -La Guardia is a wasteland imo) and even compared to some similarly sized euro airports

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                    I second the Tatami sushi recommendation. YUL definitely lacks good food options, but considering I am often disappointed when eating sushi in Montreal, I was pleasantly surprised to find this sushi joint, which offers decent sushi for ok prices (still airport prices, but not as bad when you compare them to $12 bagel sandwiches.

                    Granted, the bagel sandwiches are quite good (and put anything sold at *both* LGA and JFK to shame), just too expensive compared to what one finds downtown (and not as fresh).

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                      Is it the same Tatami as the outlets in mall food courts? There is a Tatami in Carrefour Laval that is decent.

                      1. re: hungryann

                        Sound like it. From memory, their decor is the same.