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Feb 8, 2013 06:34 AM

In honor of the NY blizzard: How do you prepare a stovetop Cholent differently than a crockpot cholent?

I am not going to set up my usual electric crockpot cholent because I am concerned about losing power over Shabbos. We will have a gas flame on and a blech. This will also heat up the house a tiny bit if the heat goes off. So, I don't remember what I should be doing differently now that my cholent is stovetop. Could you advise?

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  1. MOST important: Make sure there is a window open someplace in case the flame goes out. Gas can fill up the house and cause suffocation G-D forbid. Please promise me you will do this!!! I personally know of a tragedy caused by a gas blech. (Lo aleinu.)

    As far as the cholent, not that different, but you need to determine how hot the pot is going to get. We make our cholent with a lot of water and run the crock pot on high, so when we use a blech we use less water because we run the blech at a lower temperature.

    Enjoy the snow. Shabbat shalom!

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      Thanks. I should have mentioned that our windows are ridiculously old and somewhat drafty so there is always ventilation. I thought I should put in more water than normal so now I'm not sure what will happen to it, but luckily our company canceled so if it comes out bad, it just affects us :).

    2. I put in too much water. Not a good outcome. Happy to go back to the crockpot. Luckily electricity kept on keeping on.

      1. for future reference: if the flame blows out on shabbos, and it's only gas coming out, you can turn off the burner.
        aside from that note, i always make sure to have a samovar up when i make blech-cholent - that way i have cooked water that can be added to the cholent.

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        1. re: ahuva

          Good point about being able to turn off a gas burner if the flame blows out, However there is a danger that it might happen at night while everyone is sleeping.

          1. re: almond tree

            I hope you have a carbon monoxide detector if you have any gas appliances or an attached garage. There should be one installed in the vicinity of the bedrooms which should prevent having problems with the gas going out and no one knowing there is a build up of gas.

            While verifying some information about carbon monoxide detectors I found out that the detectors only last from 2-7 years depending on the model (I just put it on my shopping list to replace).