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Feb 8, 2013 05:51 AM

Pompano Beach- Need help!

Going to be in Pompano Beach for a week. Never been to Florida. Please recommend non-chain pubs/restos/delis/bars. Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Maxx - Long time upscale leader in Pompano, sophisticated yet not stuffy.

    Calypso Restaurant - Would be a great intro to fresh Florida / Caribbean Seafood you've likely not had elsewhere, for example jerk seasonings, conch dishes, etc.

    Taqueria Dona Raquel - Authentic, cheap Mexican. This is not Taco Bell.

    For Italian, many folks like the fairly casual Gianni's.

    And I have not been, but for a very special Italian meal (read up so you know what you are getting into), take a look into Cafe La Buca.

    You can search this board for more detailed info on each of these.

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      With judicious ordering you can enjoy a very good meal at Cafe La Buca. Based on my own dinner last night (2/13), you can have a very good meal if you concentrate on the antipasti (served from the glass case; take a look and see what looks good) and the pasta.

      I would skip the second courses and order a pizza if the above is not enough.

      No frills dining room; many fellow diners speak Italian. Not inexpensive. I will write a more detailed report on CH soon.

    2. Otis.... Rely on what CFByrne recommends...He is the best in south Florida

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      1. re: HotMelly

        Oh please... not even close... the MIA gang are the pros...

        I'm just a regular Joe who enjoys writing about my fairly infrequent dining experiences, and breaking news I happen across.

        I do believe I know of a few good places in Broward and S Palm Beach... but certainly not Dade. However I appreciate the sentiment.

        1. re: CFByrne

          I very respectfully disagree about Cafe Maxx. I was so looking forward to going there for my birthday only to find everything grossly underseasoned. I needed to add salt to everything which I almost never do in a restaurant. When I looked around I realized the majority of customers were elderly which could explain that, however, i will never be back.

          1. re: CFByrne

            I'm a huge fan of J. Mark's on Copans and federal. Casual menu with good food and a great atmosphere.


        2. Hi Otis,

          There have been lot's of good suggestions here and I have a couple more for you...

          Brother Tucker's - This is a beer lovers pub. Lot's of craft beer selections with some great food to go with it.

          Malulo's International Seafood - This has become my favorite Peruvian restaurant in the area. The Ceviche's are great and the Peruvian specialties are a real treat.

          Pomperdale Deli - Old school NY deli

          The Ambry - Fine dining German food with a great little pub up front. Look for Han's daily specials or try the Calve's Liver "BERLIN" sauteed with Apples, Bacon Browned Onions and gravy. It's awesome!

          Seafood World - "Old Florida" style seafood done well.

          1. CFByrne has it covered. I've been to all those places. I have to apologize in advance because it's a chain, but my favorite place in Pompano is Houston's. Great menu and service and the location is right on the water at Atlantic and the Intracoastal.