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Feb 8, 2013 03:38 AM

Translation - Urdu/English

It's been suggested to me that the word "poz" in Urdu translates to "jam". Needless to say, it's always possible that I have the Anglicised spelling wrong. Google fails to help me. Are there any Urdu speakers who can confirm, please?

For info, I am researching food terms used by the British Army in the Great War where "pozzy" is regularly used to mean jam. I know that a goodly number of army slang terms have their roots in Indian words.

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  1. Platt's Dictionary, a classic authority of a dictionary, tells me that poz is a word for lips/muzzle (like of an animal).

    The common term I know for jam or gelatinous fruit preserve is murabba.

    I also checked the Hobson-Jobson Dictionary of Anglo-Indian terms (really fun glossary if you have an interest in such things) and found neither poz nor pozzy.

    1. A little Googling around turned this up, it might be helpful if you can find a copy:

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        I gather the book says it's a mystery where the word comes from - apparently not knowing its military connection. The army was certainly using the word at the time of our war in South Africa.