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Feb 8, 2013 01:23 AM

Breville toaster oven what size?

For some reason, I never seemed to acquire a toaster oven among my kitchen gadgets. My birthday is upcoming and I thought I'd give myself a nice birthday present as I love spending as much time in the kitchen as possible. I would mostly like to use it for toasting bread, reheating (as a fried foods junkie occasionally really wanted to find out if the toaster oven can resurrect my favorite foods at least somewhat for tasty leftovers), also I'm quite interested in that it can be used to cook and broil larger dishes. We never had a toaster oven growing up so I just realized that it's not just for toast. What size would you recommend? I was probably going to go with the Compact (middle) size but wanted to see if anyone had any particular experiences.

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  1. I like the full sized model, it has the most features including convection cooking and it fits a 13x9 or a full sized bundt pan. I bake in mine all the time. Ours gets used multiple times a days.

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      What do you tend to use it for? Is it a supplement to the oven or do you find there are thing you do in the toaster oven more than the oven?

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        I cook and bake in it on a daily basis, as long as the pan will fit. I've baked cakes, yeast breads, cooked meat, from scratch pizza, reheated, used the keep warm function, toast. It preheats faster than my full sized oven and it cooks and bakes very evenly.

        I have convection on my range oven also, at this point I only turn on the big oven if I'm using a half sheet pan, like for roasting vegetables and baking cookies, doing a layer cake ( 2 round cake pans won't fit in the toaster oven) or cooking in anything larger than 13x9 pan will hold or that is tall. At this point I mostly turn the large oven on because the Breville is occupied with something else lol.

    2. I have had the full size oven for a few months and I love it. It takes up a lot of counter space but even in my very small kitchen, I think it's worth it. My husband and I use it multiple times every day. We do a lot of cooking ahead on weekends for reheating during the week, usually just parts of meals so we'll mix reheating something made ahead of time and throw together the quick part of a meal for something fresh. The oven is great for reheating anything sort of delicate, and I love having it at eye level so I can keep an eye on things while I am prepping something else. The keep warm feature is also great for this reason. I use it on it's own but also baking something right in the oven and then just switching it to keep warm until we're ready to sit down. As for cooking in it, we've used it to bake chicken and use it to roast veggies a few times a week. I love that the interior of the large oven is warm enough to use most of our regular trays and bakeware in it. The temperature seems to be more even and regulates better than the full-sized oven in our apartment (we rent, though, so I cannot be sure that our built-in oven is of any quality or how it would change things if someone had a well-functioning oven already).

      I've always had some sort of toaster oven, and even cooked for myself in very simple, small models, but the large Breville adds more functionality than I would have expected. I love being able to have multiple components of a meal inside, or keep two full plates of food warm. We did purchase the bamboo cutting board tray for the top of it to reclaim some of the space it took up.

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        <We did purchase the bamboo cutting board tray for the top of it to reclaim some of the space it took up.>

        I've got the large Smart Oven, too. I use the top of it to warm plates. It's also great for holding batch-cooked foods. Oddly, I didn't know it has a warming feature. Don't I feel like an idiot!

        I use the Breville WAY more often than my range oven, because as you noted, it will do anything the bigger oven will do. And now that I know it has a "warm" feature, it'll get even more use, lol.

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          We've never had a toaster oven. The only reason I can see in acquiring one is if it heats up the kitchen less than a regular oven does during the warm months of the year. Your mentioning of the warming feature leads me to believe that less extraneous heat might not be a reason to use a counter top toaster oven.

          1. +1 on getting the full sized model. It even fits frozen pizzas.

            1. I have the middle size and am pretty pleased. There are two of us and we seldom eat frozen pizza. I grill cheese, broil peppers toast many things, bake fish and more in it. I have convection on my stove-oven so I didn't feel I needed it in two places and would rather have room to keep other things out on counter. I too have a cutting board top.
              Whichever you choose, I'm guessing you will be pleased. The oven is very well made and designed.

              1. I bought 2 of these at Christmas last year. For my elderly parents, the Compact. They use it for all of their baked and toasted items, use it daily and love it. Great for potatoes, baked apples, chicken pieces. They just couldn't use a regular oven any longer. This is simple and easy for them to use, the slide out crumb tray is really appreciated over their old oven. For my daughter I purchased the small Breville oven that's exclusive to Williams Sonoma. She wanted the smallest possible so as not to give up too much counter space. Her family uses it daily as well. Bagels in the morning, heating snacks for the kids, smaller casseroles, a few cookies or muffins. It was exactly what she wanted, but didn't know it. She loves the "little bit more" button. Personally, I've never used a toaster oven, but they both rave about theirs. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. The larger one has convection and larger cooking space, so may be a consideration for you if you need those extra features.