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Feb 7, 2013 08:18 PM

Beef/Pork ribs, need the meat not the bone!

I have some pork ribs that I want to make into a ragu. Any ideas of getting the meat off the bone? I was thinking simmering it in just enough water to cover for a few seems that gets the meat tender enough to just fall apart. Then fork shred it. Maybe use the leftover stock for the sauce. Opinions?


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  1. Cook the meat/ribs in the tomatoes.....the meat will come off the bones when don't want to boil in water and lose the's not ragu unless the sauce is cooked with meat.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Good point. I was just worried that the meat will harden under the acidity of the tomatoes. What makes it harden anyways? If it's a low simmer maybe it won't?

      1. re: bshee

        You want to braise low and slow...either on the stove top or in the oven......high heat will dry the meat out and make it tough and hard.

      2. Yeah, I'd simmer it until the meat fell from the bone IN your ragu. Ditch the bones, pick apart the meat and if the cartilage that hangs right near the bone its tough, just give it a few chops and toss it into the simmer. Eventually it will break up into heavenly goodness.

        If you are starting the sauce the day b/f, just end the day with the chop and bone removal, toss it in the fridge and then in the a.m. set it back on the stove to cook.

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        1. re: Sal Vanilla

          Thanks guys. Sounds like a plan to me!