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Feb 7, 2013 07:32 PM

Chinatown and Little Italy Collide on Bayard St.

Well we've had Chinese Italian food for decades in Los Angeles, so it's surprising it's taken so long for the same to show up in Manhattan with Chinatown bordering/usurping Little Italy for so long. Cutting Board has recently opened at 53 Bayard (former home of East Ocean and Three Ocean) serving a variety of Italian and Japanese fusion dishes. Since I wasn't in the mood for Italian food, I had the lobster sliders, which were essentially beef sliders with lobster roll filling on top of the ground beef. It was good, not great. But it's nice to see innovation in Manhattan Chinatown.

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  1. Interesting. Marco Polo Cafe tried to do Chinese-Italian for a while on St Marks Place. After a name change, they closed in 2011.

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      Their food seemed exclusively Chinese to me. What dishes had Italian influence? [Edit:] Hold it. The Marco Polo I remember was on Baxter between Bayard and Canal.

    2. This makes me curious - is italian food a thing in china? i mean im sure there are some people doing chinese takes on italian food, but is it big in the way that chinese food is its own thing in, say, peru or india? every block in lima has a chinese restaurant on it, and a running joke in india is that there are three types of indian food: veg, non-veg, and chinese.

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        It's pretty big in Hong Kong and Taiwan.