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Feb 7, 2013 06:24 PM

One Portlandian, one San Franciscan

Sounds like the beginning of a joke!

We plan to visit Seattle in mid-May; starting my "research" early.

My druthers: local, sustainable seafood (cooked); emphasis on both organics and sustainability along with simple, excellent cooking

We'll have a car but probably won't use it at night. Haven't yet looked for places to stay.

Will be there only one or two nights.

Food prices not major factor.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You do realize that half of all seafood that comes into the US enters through the port of Seattle, and the vast majority of that is wild caught right?

    You don't really need to research this; just pick any seafood restaurant and it'll meet those metrics unless you're worried about your herbs and wine being organic as well - in which case you'd probably want to spend most of your time up on Capitol Hill, since that's where the largest concentration of that mindset tends to congregate and thus would offer the most options in that regard.

    1. The chef at Blueacre Seafood places a heavy emphasis on sustainable fisheries. The cooking is excellent. The restaurant is right in the heart of downtown, and the same chef owns a sister restaurant in the Pike Place Market called Steelhead Diner, which I like too, although not quite as much as Blueacre (which in my estimation is the best seafood restaurant in Seattle).

      1. Personally, I've found the best cooked fish dishes I've eaten in Seattle to be at Ethan Stowell's restaurants, so I'd give them a look. Specifically Anchovies and Olives or Staple and Fancy would be your best bets.

        Also, Marian Hines owns several certified organic restaurants. (She seems to be a board favorite around here, but I've had mixed experiences. Ranging from great, to very sub-par.


        If I were going to recommend one over the others I'd say Golden Beetle is my favorite of the bunch.

        Hope you find what you're looking for.