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Feb 7, 2013 06:16 PM

Pre-concert MSG Dinner

Opinions on casual place near MSG. Nothing fancy - but money is not the issue.

Not looking for huge filling meal - just something good. Burgers? Bar? Reservations?

Any ideas?

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    1. Jack Doyle's on 35th between 7th and 8th is very good. Love the pub food, wings, pizza, burgers. 1 block away. Just opened about 5 months ago. Nice inside and plenty of room.

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      1. re: bifpocaroba

        Jack Doyles more my speed...

        Any others?


      2. Haven't been, but hearing good things about Maysville, from the Char No 4 people in Carroll Gardens, BK.

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          I had dinner at Maysville last night. They take reservations and the dress code is casual. The padded bench half of our party had to sit on was extremely uncomfortable, so request a table with chairs only, not one up against the wall. The food was delicious! There is plenty of room between tables and the high ceiling gives it a very open feel. The service was attentive, and they certainly don't rush you out the door (even on a Saturday night) so if you are attending a sporting event or concert at the garden, I would advise you to tell them up front so that you get out of there on time. We definitely had "a huge filling meal" - but that was our own fault. They give you a plate of warm mini cornbread muffins with butter to start. Definitely decline the second helping or you are going to be too full to eat your meal (we didn't). We did two appetizers to share (the smoked white fish mousse and the crispy grits - both recommended). We had 4 appetizers, the best of which, in my opinion, was the Brussels Sprouts. I had the winter vegetable salad, which I wouldn't recommend. The 4 entrees were all well received; I had the Crispy Chicken Leg & Roulade - delicious! We were stuffed at this point, but we couldn't resist sharing one desert - the bread pudding w/ praline ice cream. Finally, they give you these little caramel candies with the check, which we all managed to find room for!

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            I have eaten at Tir Na Nog several times for lunch (I used to have an office in the building upstairs). I would only go there if it was too cold or wet to go elsewhere.

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              Def didnt have the same experiences.

          2. Brother Jimmy's! It's right there...perfect pre-concert dinner!

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              Crappy BBQ and a scary, trashy crowd.