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Feb 7, 2013 05:58 PM

Ottawa - foodie itinerary

Help, O-towners! I'm a TO foodist visiting Ottawa in March. I love local-inspired cuisine with any and all cultural influences, love drinking local wine and craft beer, love places where that feel cool and hip but where I can still have a conversation and receive good service. I like veggies and seafood and my partner likes simple pasta and red meat and pork dishes, but we're both not fans of game/offal-centred dishes. Some charcute is fine, but seafood and veg choices are a necessity.

Here's our tentative itinerary. The places below were all suggestions from friends in the food/hospitality industry. Honestly, the dinner menus at Beckta, Town and Gezellig (also suggested) aren't really appealing to us. The Hintonburg area looks very cool (okay, hipster cool) but none of the places looks like full meals for me, so I'd like to do a crawl-type night there. Let me know if I'm missing places.

Please give it a look and critique! We're staying at the Marriot Residence downtown but happy to take O-trans wherever.

I propose:

Dinner: Navarra
Drinks before/after: Murray Street

Lunch: Play

Dinner: Pub/snack crawl:
Two Six Ate
Suzy Q donuts
Hintonburg Public House
Wellington Gastropub

Running the St. Patrick's Day 10k


Dinner: Whalesbone
Drinks before/after at:
327 Wine Bar
Union 613

Brunch: Zen Kitchen

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My experience is that threads about Ottawa don't get many responses on this board. You may want to consult

    Good luck!

    1. Your list looks good! Zen Kitchen, just in case you don't know, is vegetarian....mostly vegan. The food is fantastic. If you want to stay in the market area for lunch you might like Domus which is on Murray Street.

      1. im usually in ott 4 days/wk for work and so i've been to most of the restos listed but i dont see my current favourite. Fraser Cafe (especially Table 40 on mondays).

        As for the other choices, lately im a frequently at Union 613.
        Murrary/Play/Whalesbone/Navarra they are good, have great reviews but none are memorable to me. imho. though there is no good tapas in toronto anymore.

        if you got wheels theres some great restos on the QC side, fougere, wakefield inn.

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        1. re: g5spark

          That about sums it up: Ottawa restaurants just aren't "memorable". I did a similar food tour in July and can't say anything stood out at any of those top-rated places.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            to be fair, sometimes I think few Toronto restos are memorable, too... but thanks for the feedback!

          2. re: g5spark

            thanks for the tips. Fraser Cafe's menu didn't appeal all that much, sadly.

          3. I've gotta tell you, we weren't wowed with Play when we were there last.
            Over the holidays we did got to Murray Street and really liked it. Great ambiance and food was delish!
            I've heard great things about Wellington Gastropub, it's on my list of places to try, let us know your feedback!
            Hope you have a nice trip.

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            1. re: Baelsette

              Our friends in Ottawa also said they weren't impressed with Play.

            2. Many years ago I went to Bekta and enjoyed it. I have not heard much about it lately but it might be worth a try.