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Feb 7, 2013 04:25 PM

Trattoria della Nonna-Lunenburg,NS- Is there a future?

This great restaurant on the South Shore appears to have an uncertain future. The manager, Simone Mombourquette, and the chef, Terry Vassallo, are sending messages to their adoring (and hungry) clientele that they will not be returning as expected after their traditional January hiatus. The reasons why are more conjecture than solid fact at the moment.

This will be a great loss to our community and to all those visitors from near (Halifax) and far (US, Germany, England) that count on the ambiance and fine, fine food of TdN.

If Trattoria della Nonna is truly a thing of the past, we can only hope that Simone and Terry find another venue close at hand. And soon...really, really soon, please!

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  1. I heard they were both in Halifax now. With luck maybe they'll open a restaurant here.

    They wouldn't have to close for the winter here.

    1. Wherever this talented team choose to locate, their large circle of fans will be happy to follow them. I honestly think that life would be less worthwhile without a) Simone's gracious and genuine greeting and b) Terry's amazing Spicey Calamari.

      1. Terry is is taking over the kitchen at Cafe Chianti

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          Read this the other day-I hope that he is given a free hand in re-shaping the does read a bit oddly at the moment, pulling in a whole bunch of directions with different cuisines, and not in a good fusion sort of way. I just pray Terry will be doing his amazing calamari at Cafe Chianti!

          1. re: LJS

            One of the best things on Café Chianti's past menu was the calamari so expectations have hit a feverish pitch with the arrival of new chef Terry!

        2. Update: as of May 1, the entire menu will be Terry's creation, according to current owner of Cafe Chianti who we chatted briefly with at the restaurant. He seemed pleased to offer his new chef free reign and I think this may be caused by positive response. On a dreary Wednesday at 5:30 the dining room was already filling up, and the back room had hosted a private party that just cleared in time for dinner. All good signs of more activity than Cafe Chianti has seen in ages.

          1. Thanks to Terry and Simone, TdN was the best consistent dining experience we have had over the past 4.5 yrs living in NS. We gave up on dining in Halifax due to endless poor experiences, over priced mediocre food and amateur service. TdN always delivered in every respect. We wish them both the best in their new adventures with Café Chianti and we hope to dine there before we back to Montreal this summer.