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Feb 7, 2013 01:31 PM

fancy shmancy dinner (not per se)?

hi we are looking for a very snooty and pretentious place to have a birthday dinner for my sister. last year we did the alain ducasse place at the st. regis. can someone recommend something? we wanted bouley but it is booked for a private party. we eat all types of cuisine (except maybe no sushi since we are bringing the parents). we are flexible with amount per person, but nothing as insane as per se.


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  1. I don't find any place to be "very snooty and pretentious" but that's just me.

    Look into:
    Le Bernardin
    Eleven Madison Park
    Jean Georges

    There are HUNDREDS of posts about these high-end dining options here on this board. You can do a search for the more recent ones.

    Here's one:

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    1. re: thegforceny

      thanks for the response! was being a bit facetious about the snooty and pretentious;) we actually have tentative reservations at le bernardin but was looking for other recommendations.

    2. you can't get much more "snooty and pretentious" than at Daniel.

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      1. re: PorkyBelly

        I don't know that they're *actually* snooty and pretentious but boy, they do the showbiz part of an expensive dinner about as well as anyone. If you wanted to have a birthday party where the party-goers feel like gilded-age robber barons you can't do much better than Daniel. I think that would be fun.

        1. Since you've gone on to say you were being facetious I would suggest:

          Eleven Madison Park
          Jean George (dining room not Nougotine)
          The Modern (dining room not bar room)

          Le Bernardin is an excellent choice but only if you plan on being completely fish focused.