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Feb 7, 2013 01:19 PM

What do you think of this? Craigie and the blizzard

<<We are entirely, 100% committed to being open tomorrow at Craigie on Main. Blizzard, no blizzard, we will be serving food (menu, specials, everything TBD based on availability tomorrow) and have a large, well-stocked bar to help keep you warm. We are prepared to check snowshoes and nordic skis tomorrow and Carl may be walking around the dining room with a bottle of brandy.>>

If the storm is as bad as they say it's going to be is it right or wrong? I am thinking about their staff specifically.

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  1. Probably most of their staff live nearby. It's not uncommon for a local place to stay open in bad weather. I had quite a few great afternoons at my local pub during blizzards. No one was driving. Chillax. (I will now pound my head against the wall for saying "chillax".)

    1. I remember pondering this same question during Sandy. We were sick of being in the house, and by 6pm or so we went to a local highly regarded restaurant that was the only thing open in the vicinity. It was an interesting scene, as we were the only non-industry people there (it was a Monday night). We were thrilled that they were open, but I did feel bad for the people that had to trek all the way in to work.

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        Where do you live? Sandy was pretty much a non event in the city. We cooked on the grill that night. Coastal areas aside, there weren't a lot of travel issues I was aware of in the area.

        As far as tomorrow is concerned, bring on the snow and I love Craigie's stance. Most of the staff is indeed local, and I'm sure they won't force any employees to travel far at risk. Fullly stocked bar is the key. There's nothing quite like storm drinking.

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          Well on our little walk during Sandy we narrowly missed being hit by two fallen trees and multiple tree branches. But that was during it's peak.

          But I agree that if the staff can make it safely, and they aren't forced to work why not open. Back in '09 during a storm we went to the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour, followed by a stop at Grendal's Den and a slow bar crawl up Mass Ave to Central.

      2. From my POV if the staff can get there no worries but they should not be required once Menino calls a state of emergency. While they may live near by there are many things that can snowball (pun intended) that can interfere with the ability to get to work. ie: childcare, limited bus schedules due bad roads, etc

        I used to live in Harvard Square and loved heading out to a bar during major storms!

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        1. re: foodieX2

          If you're young and feel like having an adventure, why not bring a sleeping bag in to work and crash on the floor if you can't get home? It'll be something you can tell the grandkids about, probably without the part about the bar raid and the subsequent unfortunate hook-ups.

        2. as others have said, safety is the rule i'd go by. that said, it seems like it is askign a bit for trouble to promise they'll be open *no matter what*, in case they can't (say power outage?). Also, it does go a bit towards the rep chef Maws has of working (himself and others) hard.

          1. I'll be happy to drive any Craigie staff home after my wonderful meal. :)