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Dallas Mole

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I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive (around $15 a plate) place with the best mole. Any suggestions?

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  1. In descending order of quality/ price: Mesa - duck or chicken. Nuevo Leon - enchiladas. Cuquitas - chicken.
    I had a pretty good pork in mole for lunch in Florida today - I love a good mole.

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        me three. as far as i'm concerned, once you've had that mole piping hot, there is no other. be sure to get some of the housemade corn tortillas too.

        1. While I haven't been here yet, it just so happens that about two days ago I came across a place that supposedly has the best mole in Dallas. It's called Mesa and it's in Oak Cliff.

          1. Meso Maya and Cafe Veracruz in Bishop Arts.

            1. Mesa!! Best around. It might be a tad over $15, but not much. Plus, if you go on a slower night, the chef will come out and tell you how the mole is made, explain how it's based on his grandmother's recipe, and tell you how many days this batch took to make. We talked to him about thirty minutes one night just about mole.