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Feb 7, 2013 11:41 AM

The Ledbury, Marcus Wareing or RGR for Milestone Birthday Dinner [London]

My partner and I will be in London for a week this Spring to celebrate a milestone birthday. I am researching restaurants for the two of us to go to on his birthday – it’s a Monday night. I’d like someplace where the atmosphere is not too stuffy but not too casual either. Also, looking to do a la carte.

The restaurants that have peaked my interest so far (in particular order) are: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and The Ledbury. Any feedback on these restaurants (or any other recommendations) would be much appreciated.


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  1. We love Smiths in Smithfield for milestone events. There are restaurants/bars on several floors which get quieter and more refined as you go up, but none of it is stuffy. Top floor has wonderful views as well as great food and service. Not too good if you're vegetarian however.
    Galvin La Chappelle is great food in a wonderful atmosphere, as an alternative.

    1. Link to our December meal at the Ledbury, which was pretty much a perfect occasion. No experience of the other two, I'm afraid - I don't visit the capital that often.

      1. I like Smiths a lot and often go there with work but it is not, on any floor, anywhere near the quality of the places shortlisted by the original poster.

        I'd say you're straying into 'can't go wrong' territory with those three. Ledbury will have the most innovative food whereas Wareing will have the best room/service and flawless execution.

        Ramsay is an innovation-free zone but the execution will be superb but a lot of people go to try 'Gordon Ramsay's Food' but it really isn't. It might as well be called Clare Smyth at the Royal Hospital Road.

        For a celebration I'd probably go for Marcus Wareing (and mention the celebration when booking - they'll treat you brilliantly). Unless your main priority is food which jumps off the plate and surprises and fascinates you in which case go for the Ledbury.

        1. Just got back from London on the weekend and will post a report on the places that we visited while we were there in a separate message. But, with respect to the birthday, in the end, I chose The Ledbury. Simple but elegant room. Bustling for a Monday night. Very attentive service. And, simply amazing food! I had mentioned that we were celebrating a birthday and they brought us an extra dessert. All in all I was very happy with my choice.

          1. I highly recommend the Ledbury. Perfect food, excellent service and yet not "stuffy". I've gone for lunch during my two visits to London, but I also know people that have gone for the tasting menu a few times and it's highly recommended as well. I have photos of my meals if you're interested.