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Feb 7, 2013 11:37 AM

It's that time of year - Paczkis anywhere in WNC or upstate?

I discovered these a few years ago and salivate with anticipation each year (seems early this year). I'm a sucker for anything "donut-like". I've only been able to find them at Public's which I'm certain are a sorry rendition of the real deal.

Anyone know if there's anywhere else to get them?

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  1. See thread from a year ago at

    They will have them at HALGO EUROPEAN DELI & GROCERIES in Durham. See their website at and give them a call or send them an e-mail - they may have a suggestion that is closer to you.

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    1. re: boaviagem

      yes, I was part of that conversation. I had forgotten that someone suggested the Eastern European Market here (which I've finally found since that thread). Maybe I'll give them a call. And I'll see if Halgo has any suggestions for out this way too. thanks!

      and apologies for my misspelling of Publix. I thought it looked funny! (we don't have them in Asheville).

    2. talked to Euro Market in A'ville. No luck. :(

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        1. can't see the comment anymore about Village Wayside in Biltmore Village, but YES, they have them and I'm going to get some now! Thank you SO much for the tip!

          Am still confused about WHEN they are supposed to be sold (in general). Some say Fat Tuesday, some say Fat Thursday. Either way, it seems to involve "fat". LOL

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