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citrus stand in Stewart or West Palm area?

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Can anybody recommend an excellent quality citrus grove with retail stand in the Stewart vicinity, or anywhere between Stewart and the West Palm airport?

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  1. Do you mean Stuart? It'll be north of there, probably Hale Groves in Vero Beach. Cushman's has a store on Route 1 in Juno Beach, between Jupiter and North Palm Beach.

    1. Yes, Stuart with a "u". I will locate these on the map. I have had good fruit from Hale in the past. Thanks.

      Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

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        Cushman's is touting their "western" (Texas or California) honeybells -- yikes! Not what I had in mind.

      2. Sweet Florida fruit. Website sweetfloridafruit.com. They have a stand at Jensen beach/Stuart flea market. Delicious oranges & grapefruits. Just bought some back to jersey today, wish I bought more then 1 bag. Phone # 855-777-7043. At the flea maket stand they were 4 bucks for a pretty decent sized bag

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          Now that you mention it, there's a big produce stand in Jensen Beach at Indian River Drive and Palm Avenue. I'm sure they have a lot of local citrus this time of year. The place is always packed.