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Feb 7, 2013 10:39 AM



I am going to be in the West end of Toronto (High Park area) and I was wondering where a good Churrasqueira place is.

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  1. I still think one of the best ones is a little hole in the wall (take out only) on Queensway just west of Islington (north side/strip plaza with cow on roof)
    It's called Bom Appetite

    1. I like O Bairradino on Lansdowne.


      1. Hey, Bairrada Churrasqueira is unreal. When you walk in it's always full of people, unreal smells of roasted meats, lots of good olive oil, very attentive waiters, fast service... if you go in the summertime they've got a backyard seating area with lots of portuguese flags everywhere and when I was there watching the world cup it was fantastically busy but the food quality never goes down. Bairrada never disappoints. The portions are large and everything is really delicious... you MUST try to whole, spit-roasted pig... it's absolute heaven. Or the glazed and flambeed chorizo. It's simply to die for!! They've also got a specials menu included on the inside of the regular format menu everyday, and there's usually some kind of variety meat or unusual animal featured, to those who aren't familiar with things beyond their typical (but unbelievably good) churrasqueria chicken... things like goat, rabbit... you'll find those on the specialty menu and they are to be tried... I highly recommend it!
        Make a reservation if you're planning to go on a Friday or Saturday night, bring a couple of buddies and you will leave the place smiling with lovely scents in your clothes :-) and truly satisfied!!!

        Here are the deets:

        Bairrada Churrasqueria

        1000 College St
        (416) 539-8239

        (Btw there is also a St. Clair location, but personally I'd go to the one above on College. I'm there more often and that's where I had my best experiences with this restaurant).

        1. Thanks everyone for the replies.

          I picked up from Bom Apetite and everyone enjoyed the food. I will definitely try the other suggestions when I have more time.