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Interesting but casual Saturday night dinner near Hotel Palomar?

JoanArkham Feb 7, 2013 10:03 AM

Hello! Coming up from the DC area in two weeks for a quick overnight stay at the Palomar. We're looking for somewhere :

that's not crazy expensive, but not hole-in-the wall either
ok to wear (nice) jeans and t-shirts
that accepts reservations (we have evening plans)
with good vegetarian or fish options

I've been to El Vez before, and thought it was fun, but don't want to overlook something new. I haven't been to Philadelphia in ages, and usually stick to Reading Terminal and/or pizza.

Any help appreciated!

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  1. b
    barryg RE: JoanArkham Feb 7, 2013 10:20 AM

    If BYOB is ok check out Matyson and Kanella.

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    1. re: barryg
      JoanArkham RE: barryg Feb 7, 2013 11:06 AM

      BYOB is fine...although now that I look at the menus, I'm intrigued by Kanella for breakfast on Sunday. Thanks!

      1. re: JoanArkham
        bluehensfan RE: JoanArkham Feb 7, 2013 11:10 AM

        I know that a lot of people like Kanella on the board but I would be remiss to state that they are zero for three in terms of my meals there (and two of those visits were for brunch). While the meals weren't terrible, they were just mediocre and very salty IMO. Just my two cents.

        1. re: bluehensfan
          barryg RE: bluehensfan Feb 7, 2013 12:18 PM

          FWIW one of my favorite brunches in the city.

          1. re: barryg
            Buckethead RE: barryg Feb 7, 2013 01:15 PM

            Me too

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              phillybakingqueen RE: Buckethead Feb 28, 2013 12:57 PM


    2. c
      cwdonald RE: JoanArkham Feb 7, 2013 10:25 AM

      Hip City Vedge is fast food vegetarian about a block from your hotel. Real low key, no reservations necessary.

      The Dandelion Pub is a british pub concept restaurant from Stephen Starr, and is more upscale, with great fish and chips, four different fish dishes on the current men (scallops, salmon, mussels, and trout) and four different salads.

      If you want high end vegetarian you could consider Vedge over on Locust street (about .6 of a mile.. not a bad walk if the weather cooperates).

      Finally the Rittenhouse Tavern might be another choice, .. it is a small plate restaurant and has salad and fish dishes throughout its menu.

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      1. re: cwdonald
        bluehensfan RE: cwdonald Feb 7, 2013 10:43 AM

        You'd probably like Dandelion(a block from your hotel) or may want to consider something like Zavino (a short walk away) for really good pizzas and small plates. It's actually across the street from El Vez.

        1. re: bluehensfan
          JoanArkham RE: bluehensfan Feb 7, 2013 11:09 AM

          Thanks, all! Depending on how crappy the drive up is, we may just want to grab something fast, so Hip City Vedge might be perfect.

          1. re: JoanArkham
            bluehensfan RE: JoanArkham Feb 7, 2013 01:07 PM

            And if worse comes to worse the food at the Palomar's not horrible either. I did remember that Zavino does not take reservations so nix that one. Also, Tria (a block away from the Palomar behind the Sofitel that is across the street from your hotel has really good small plates and wines by the glass.

      2. t
        tfalbo RE: JoanArkham Feb 8, 2013 07:26 AM

        While a little bit further from your place (3 blocks), I think Vernick Food & Drink may be a good fit. A variety of seafood & vegetarian options are available.

        They take reservations, but I'm not sure what kind of availability there would be on a Saturday night a couple of weeks out. Worth a call if it looks interesting to you.

        1. s
          sylviag RE: JoanArkham Feb 8, 2013 01:43 PM

          Vernick, if you can get in.

          1. b
            Beulah RE: JoanArkham Feb 9, 2013 10:00 AM

            We had dinner at the restaurant in the Palomar during REstaurant Week and it was very good.

            1. JoanArkham RE: JoanArkham Feb 26, 2013 06:09 AM

              Just wanted to stop by and say thanks! We got in later than expected, so we grabbed a quick dinner at Hip City Veg. I had a really good "chicken" ranch sandwich that surprised me with it's crispiness and, well, "chickeness". Husband was happy with his faux steak hoagie, although next time we might smuggle in some cheese.

              We did Kanella for brunch the next day, and both enjoyed it quite a bit. We split the trio of dips (the white bean was the stand-out) and I had the Cypriot breakfast, husband had an egg and tomato stew.

              The place was packed, and I'm glad we made reservations. Service was friendly, but I have a pet peeve about waitstaff who make comments about "cleaning your plate" or "still working on that". Ew! Anyway, that's pretty common everywhere it seems...just my issue. :)

              (Oh, and I also scored some awesome vintage barware from the eclectic little shop across the street!)

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